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Have you decided to have a destination wedding? You have decided to marry in Italy? How do you choose where to marry in Italy? This post will certainly help you with this tough decision, and you may choose  unique Italian destinations for your wedding day.

Maybe you are searching for an unknown and unique area of Italy for your wedding day.

If you are searching for a destination that can offer culture, history, art, delicious food and breathtaking settings, Italy is definitely the ideal country to get married. But don’t miss out on some beautiful areas of the country which could amaze you.

Why most people get married in Italy

The main reasons why people choose to marry in Italy is that they can go from north to south and enjoy a great variety of local and in season food and wine.  Other than the food, you can spend a great weekend with your loved ones surrounded by beautiful views of the countryside, the mountains, the sea or in historic cities. So don’t be scared of choosing a less popular area, try unusual Italian destinations for your wedding day.



Popular Italy Wedding regions

With a variety of landscapes, Italy has many popular and well-known regions. The famous Lake Como area with its luxurious Villas, going down the peninsula, has amazing views of the coast of Liguria with famous towns such as Portofino.

Rome is another classic destination with outstanding historic ruins which will deliver unforgettable memories and amazing shots to cherish for a lifetime.  The Amalfi Coast is an evergreen setting for the most romantic couples. Villa Maria with its ocean views and lush location surrounded by flowers, lemon trees, and delicious food make for a dream wedding destination.

Are you a sophisticated couple who dreams of a wedding in Venice? It has become another popular destination and it will not let you down.

Let us not forget Tuscany where you can choose from a town wedding in Florence or Siena to a countryside setting. There are no boundaries in the venues you may find from lush Villas to beautifully restored castles and historic farms.  I recommend Villa Pazzi al Parugiano, this newly restored historic Villa not far from Florence will enchant you. Its divine gardens and its heavenly decorated interiors will make you fall in love with it.


Villa -pazzi-del-parugiano-entrance-truscany


Villa Pazzi al Parugiano
Villa Pazzi al Parugiano


Unique Wedding Destinations in Italy

Have you ever thought of discovering new areas of Italy? There are so many unknown regions where you can find stunning wedding venues, outstanding local food and an incredible selection of local wines. Here are a few suggestions which can help you view this marvellous country differently.


The amazing Dolomites Mountains in the far northern part of Italy will amaze you with its grand peaks, green valleys and the kindness of locals. These mountains are ideal for a snowy winter wedding or a summer celebration in Italy.  Wedding venues in the Dolomites offer an infinite selection of amenities all year around from Spas to skiing and outdoor sports. Adler lodge is a luxurious Spa Resort which also offers private lodge solutions for a romantic honeymoon overlooking the mountains.

Umbria (The Green Heart of Italy)

If you want to discover central Italy, you have a wide choice of options in the Umbria region!  You can discover medieval towns and beautiful hidden venues with outstanding views of its famous green hills covered by olive groves and vines. Wedding venue options range from old monasteries to entire medieval villages, 18th century Villas or restored farmhouses.

Dimore Urbani is a restored farmhouse with a spectacular view of the surrounding hills. Its first class chef will delight you with mouthwatering specialities from the area. Scheggino, the nearby village is famous for its wild truffles.

Dimore Urbani in Scheggino
Food display at Villa Urbani Umbria
The breathtaking view from Dimore Urbani in Scheggino and buffet with florals by Sartoria floreale – Umbria

If you dream of a wedding by a lake, Lake Trasimeno is one of the biggest in Italy. Located in the town of Castiglione del Lago, you will be amazed by its historic beauty. Palazzo Pantini Nicchiarelli is definitely an amazing location, with a unique view on Lake Trasimeno. It offers a cosy setting with a charming indoor space will of frescos. The outdoor area is beautiful with its garden facing the lake, where you can enjoy your ceremony and your dinner party with your guests.





Villa Pantini Nicchiarelli – Afrescos -view of Lake Trasimeno


Puglia is a trendy region at the moment for weddings as it has hosted a few “celebrity weddings”. It offers venues in old Masseria where you are surrounded by ancient olive trees. The food is simply amazing as its climate is ideal for cultivation. The beaches and the crystal clear ocean will surprise you as they remind you of more tropical countries. It is also the region where the two seas that surround Italy meet.
Masseria Potenti will offer a cosy but lush location where you can have a beautiful wedding in a relaxing setting.  Local food from the farm and the wine from its estate will delight your palate.


Sicily speaks for itself, it is a magnificent region with some of the most amazing food and people. The oceanfront is stunning and your wedding party will love the ancient cultures of its towns. The historic mix due to the many past invasions has given this island a mystic feel. You won’t even believe what the food tastes like– its main ingredients are vegetables, fish and fruit. Sicily is a region that won’t let you down whether you choose the posh Taormina or the amazing historic town of Siracusa.  If you love to be surrounded by the sea you can also enjoy the Therasia Resort on the UNESCO World Heritage Eolie Islands.

Unique destinations in Italy for your wedding

Are you convinced? Have I shown you that Italy has a vast selection of regions where you can celebrate your wedding with friends and family? The best thing to do is to get help from a wedding planner who will guide you on the best suppliers and the top venues for your unforgettable wedding.

If you want professional guidance feel free to contact us at

I will be more than happy to serve you and your guests with top quality service.

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One of the top moments of your wedding day is the wedding cake. So how should you choose the best wedding cake so that it has a great impact on your special day?




The cake cutting represents the first activity done as a couple, this is why it is a peak moment on your wedding day. People never leave before the cake is cut by the newly wedded couple. This is also one of the main significant time for pictures to be taken by photographers, video makers and your guests. The wedding cake cutting,  happens as the couple stands behind the wedding cake, a toast is usually made and the first slice of cake is cut,  as a couple. These pictures will be cherished by all for the years to come and will be shared on social media. Therefore, the cake design is very important, but don’t underestimate the taste as your guests will talk about both aspects after your wedding celebrations.


how to choose your wedding cake


Top tips on how to choose the best wedding cake

Choosing the best wedding cake is very important for your wedding day. Your wedding cake must be beautiful, delicious, set in the best spot of your venue so that the images will be amazing and your guests will be as happy as possible.


Cake design

Make sure to think of the design you want. The options are infinite for your wedding cake, you can have a tiered cake, a big one tier cake, a pyramid croquembouche or decide on the new trend which is having two or three cakes nicely displayed on a table.


how to choose your wedding cake

Wedding cake size

The size of your wedding cake depends on the number of guests. If your desire is a big wedding cake design,  then choose a tiered cake as the patissier can make one or two fake cakes together with the real cake layers.

If you want to save some for the guests who cannot attend your wedding day, count them and tell your cake designer that you will send some out after the reception.




Wedding cake style

When you start thinking of the cake style you want, an easy way is to search online. Another option is to ask your baker to show you his portfolio. If you are a creative person, design your own wedding cake. This can be done by combining various designs you might have seen online. Try not to copy but take inspiration from other wedding cakes. Think about the general mood of your wedding, the theme and the colour coordination, this will help you. Make sure that your patissier is capable of doing the design you want as you do not want a bad surprise on your special day.


Wedding cake flavour

As I said, don’t miss out on a great wedding cake tasting. You will be spending money on it and you don’t want your guests to leave it on the plate and end the reception unhappy.

Think of the flavours you both like and ask the pastry chef to do a tasting especially if you are unsure. If you would like more than one flavour, make each tier with a different one, this will only be possible with multiple tier cakes or separate cakes but not with a single tier type.

You can also think of the season of your wedding celebration to help you decide on the flavour and where you are getting married. If it is a very hot place you may decide to add fresh in-season fruit and avoid anything too heavy.





Traditional cakes for destination weddings

If you are having a destination wedding, you may decide to go for a traditional cake from that area or country. In that case, do your research on their local wedding cakes and if you can, go prior to your wedding, do a tasting session.


When to order your wedding cake

Order your cake at least two months in advance, it is probably one of the last decisions you take when planning your wedding. If you want a specific patissier who may be very busy during the wedding season you could book it earlier than that. Some bakers are booked one year in advance! This is important especially if you need a very big cake of a complicated design, the designer needs to know how long it will take his team to create it.



As you can see, there are many aspects for you to decide on as a couple for your wedding cake. So take it a step at a time and happy wedding day.


If you want to enquir on your wedding in Italy, feel free to contact me here.


how to choose your wedding cake                           (Ph. by Giulia Corinti – Cake by Dispensa 63 – Floral design by Botanica Laboratorio floreale

Bridal gown Elisa Leclé Studio – Groom attire Abiti e Camicie su misura Perugia )




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I know the headline sounds crazy but organizing the best destination wedding in 4 months isn’t impossible. Some time ago, I received this crazy request from a bride and I thought that it would be impossible. After a pause, I decided that I would try to image organizing it. here are my considerations.


Destination weddings

The latest data says that 1 out of 4 weddings are destination weddings. A destination wedding is considered as such when the couple marries at least 100 miles from their home. 40% of all destination weddings are abroad.

A destination wedding can be tricky especially if it is abroad and if there are language and cultural issues. You may get the assistance of a local wedding planner to overcome these issues. Your destination wedding planner will be a great asset and will communicate faster with local suppliers as she or he will have a list of trusted collaborators.

Generally, a wedding takes 150 hours to organize and it might be more for a destination wedding therefore 30 days for your destination wedding isn’t long. You will have to take fast decisions and you may not get your dream venue if it is high season.

A wedding in 30 days means that you won’t have many guests as not many will be available to take off last minute for a 3 or 4 day holiday.



Here are 8 top tips on how to organize your destination wedding in only 4 months

  • My suggestion is to legally marry in your own country and have a symbolic wedding with your family and friends. The main reason is that each country has different agreements for weddings abroad and some may request specific documents which will need to be translated, and this is time-consuming. Another reason might be the timing, some countries want all documents to be sent weeks prior to the wedding day. For a religious wedding, it is even more complicated depending on the religion. This is why a celebrant will be the best choice for your symbolic wedding.


  • Have a clear budget, this is definitely the most important issue for any wedding but even more for a wedding organized in such a short time and abroad. You don’t want to go overboard with your costs. Once you have the budget set, you have a clear view of how you are spending your money on, but do consider an extra 5% for emergency expenses.




  • The etiquette for a destination wedding is that your guests usually pay for their trip and accommodation but you would be expected to pay for the wedding event and for all the food and maybe a goodie bag for them. Therefore, remember that you should pay for the meals before and after the wedding day.


  • Book your location immediately, if it is an off-season wedding or a mid-week event you will have a broader choice but if it is in high season you may have fewer selections. The ideal type of venue would be one that can host most of your guests so that you are all together but you may not find such a place in high season. It should also have an internal restaurant so that meals are easier to be organized. Don’t hesitate to ask for other restaurants in the area of the venue so that you can book it if you want to have a meal in another location.


  • Have a clear number of guests and announce your wedding date and the location as soon as possible so that you get an answer from them. Not many will manage to attend on such short notice as they might not be able to have a 3 or 4 day last minute holiday. Tell them to book their tickets immediately and book your own too. Due to the short notice, this will allow you to have fewer guests and to spend less money on catering.




  • You will have to get a pre-fitted gown and suit as custom made will take too long for it to be ready. Call your airline company and ask how you can transport your wedding dress. You should prefer taking it on the plane with you in a big box, you could book a seat for it. If the destination isn’t too far you may find a low-cost flight and the extra ticket could be worth it, especially if it is an expensive one. Do not pack your wedding attire in your luggage as it may get lost and you will find yourself without it on your wedding day or it could get stained if your sanitary or makeup products leak.


  • If you don’t have a wedding planner to help with your supplier research, ask the venue. They will have contacts with local trusted vendors which have worked with them in past events. This will certainly help you. Vendors will already know the venue so they won’t need to travel to it to do a site inspection, this is important for florists and bands/DJ.


  • If you want to incorporate extra activities to keep your guests busy, the location or your destination wedding planner will be a good source for ideas and tips.




Remember that a destination wedding will be a wonderful experience for you and your guests to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can get more news about destination wedding on Destination wedding details

Despite the having only 4 months to organize your destination wedding, it can be organized, as long as you are flexible and that you have a mid-range budget in case of last-minute costs. My suggestion is to get help through a destination wedding planner or with the venue.


Feel free to reach out if you want to organize your destination wedding with E.P. Unforgettable Events



Four Italian cocktails for your wedding

Have you thought of a cocktail to be served on your wedding day? What about a splash of colour with an Italian style cocktail? Are you a Prosecco fan but you want to perk it up with something unusual?  So why not add some colour to your wedding with a fun and tasty cocktail that can be a great alternative to plain Prosecco. These 4 Italian style cocktails for your wedding day, are easy to prepare and will  make your guests happy

A fun cocktail for your wedding day could be a Rossini, a Bellini, a Mimosa or a Tintoretto.




How and when was Rossini cocktail created

The bartender Giuseppe Cipriani created the Rossini cocktail in the mid-XX century in Venice

It is made with fresh strawberry pure and Prosecco. Rossini cocktail can be prepared in advance and kept in big pitchers which make it easier to serve during your wedding cocktail. It is served in a flute glass and has a fresh and sweet taste. The name comes as a homage to the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. This cocktail is light, fresh and colourful. Its colour might even be close to the colour theme of your wedding, this would make the day sparkle more and fun.

If you prefer champagne to Prosecco you can use it too.

 Rossini cocktail

7/10 of Prosecco

3/10 of strawberry pure




The history of Bellini cocktail

This cocktail has a specific date, 1948, it was created by the bartender Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice. He mixed prosecco with white peach pulp which gave it a pinkish colour. This made him think of the robe of a Saint painted by the famous Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini, this is where the name comes from.

It was apparently the favourite drink of Ernest Hemingway.

Bellini cocktail

7/10 of Prosecco

3/10 of white peach pure


Tintoretto cocktail

This cocktail is less renown but it also comes from Venice and was created in honour of the painter Tintoretto. It is ideal in the autumn season as the fruit added to the Prosecco is pomegrenade which is usually freshly picked between September and November. The colour is perfect if your colour scheme has an autumn palette.

Tintoretto Cocktail

The proportions are 1/3 pomegranate juice to 3/3 Prosecco and ice, it is served in a flute glass.



Mimosa cocktail

This cocktail is a variation of the previous three drinks but the fruit added to the prosecco is fresh orange juice and it is served in a flute glass.

Mimosa cocktail

1/3 orange juice

3/3 Prosecco




Which cocktail should you choose on your wedding day?

These 4 Italian style cocktails on your wedding day are only a few of the selections you can make from an infinite choice of cocktails. But if you like anything Italian style or you are planning your destination wedding in Italy, these could be an excellent choice.

How can you choose the right one, this is a difficult answer to give as each one of us has a unique taste. My suggestion is to taste them, to think of the season your wedding will be and think of the style and colour scheme of your wedding day. Finally, as you would do with your menu and your wedding cake, think of what your guests would mostly enjoy.


You may also be interested in this post-Italy is an ideal wedding destination for its food







mixed flower bunch

The final bunch – The Power of color

I  had the honour to spend a day with Vincenzo Antonuccio one of the top 10 floral masters of the FTD World Cup 2019.

The masterclass was held close to Pistoia in Tuscany at the florist shop Dino Bianchi. Vincenzo Antonuccio, showed us his impressive work by replicating his hand tied bunch of flowers to represent “The power of color”.


mixed flowers in vases on table

The flower selection – “The power of color”


What did we learn with Vincenzo Antonuccio

Vincenzo showed us all of the marvellous work by the top 5 floral masters of the FTD World Cup 2019.

He explained the various categories and showed us each countries’ work. The amazing talent and techniques used during the world cup in Philadelphia.

After showing us the works of the other participants, he showed us his work and he tried to make us feel the emotions and the many difficulties he had during the competition.


orange flowers


What difficulties did Vincenzo Antonuccio have during the floral masters of the FTD World Cup 2019?

One of the main problems that occurred was that he didn’t get all the flowers he had ordered but fortunately he got some help from other competitors.

Another difficulty of  the competition is that as a florist, you are alone and you cannot get help from your assistant. All accessories are given to you and the florist cannot get any help from others nor use ones own cutters or scissors.


metal structure

Metal and glass structure



mixed flowers

The master’s floral signiture


Vincenzo Antonucci show us how he represented “The power of color”

We were very lucky to admire Vincenzo while he replicated his amazing bunch of colourful flowers that he had done at the FTD World Cup 2019 in Philadelphia.

The theme was the Power of Colour and he created an impressive bunch with over 300 flowers. To do this, he created a base made of wire and with special glass which reflected various colours as a centre piece. He then added each flower twisting each stem perfectly to create a perfect bunch.

During the competition, he had no assistant to hand out flowers or to help him hold the very heavy bunch or to tie it up.

The video shows how to be mastered this impressive ability. During the occasion of the Masterclass, with the help of his assistant.

Below, you can admire him while working on his massive bunch of “The power of color”.

As a wedding planner, I always want a plan B for my couples’ weddings. It is always better to prevent a disaster than cure it.

You must be wondering what I am talking about. As a wedding planner based in Italy, why should I want a plan B?  I know, you have this crazy idea that Italy is always flooded with sunshine but I can assure you that it isn’t. We have seasons and depending on where you have your wedding the country changes a lot. Remember that we go from the northern mountains all the way to Sicily which is only miles away from the African coast. So yes, we get season’s, we get rain, snow, wind, sun and tremendous heat.



A plan B on your wedding day is fundamental

The reason why I am writing about this today is that this year, we have had the worst month of May since I have lived in Italy. It is windy, cold and rainy.

OK, I didn’t really want to talk about the weather but the wedding season has started and everyone is worried about their weddings.

Most couples start organizing their weddings about 12 months prior to the event and no one will know how the weather will be. It may be cold, rainy, windy, or very hot.

So try to imagine the morning of your wedding with any kind of extreme weather forecast and not being able to find a marquee because the company has rented them all out or the cost is very high because it is a last minute call or it is Sunday and the company is closed or the size doesn’t match with your guest number. You don’t want your guests to feel unhappy or get sick, the memory of your wedding will end up being the worst one.

This is one of the reason’s why I always try to find venues with multiple solutions. But it isn’t always easy as couples fall in love with venues for a variety of reasons and they don’t think of these details. The venue might have small internal rooms and no big one for a large number of guests, or they might not have any internal space at all.


bride and groom under an umbrella


Reasons for a plan B on your wedding day

  • Think about your happiness. You don’t want to get a sunburn or faint for the heat nor get soaking wet
  • Your guests need to be happy, not too cold nor too hot. It might be hard to get last minute blankets in the middle of the summer.
  • Any extreme weather will make it difficult for the catering and the service to be ideal. You cannot eat under the rain nor do you want sweaty waiter.
  • You don’t want your wedding gown and shoes full of wet mud

ceremony room decorated


How to search your plan B when you visit a venue

Once you know the number of guests you will have on your wedding day, you will manage to find the perfect venue.

  • Look at the internal rooms and ask how many guests can be seated.
  • Ask if they have a dedicated area for the ceremony
  • Get information about marquees, some venues might have contacts and special prices
  • Ask many questions about who will set-up your decors, flowers, tables and chairs
  • Will there be space for the dance floor
  • Think about the stairs. If you have disabled guests or older aged guests they might have problems with stairs in case there are no lifts


tent with lights


A good wedding planner will always have a plan B ready

When you have a wedding planner, she/he will always be ready for any last minute changes in case of a bad weather forecast. They will shift your wedding around as necessary.

the planner will talk to all the vendors in case of a last minute change of plan. From the floral designers, the photographer, the light designer, the DJ and whoever is involved on that day will make sure that your wedding turns out beautifully despite the weather.



If you have enquiries feel free to contact us