Anti-discrimination policy of – EP Unforgettable events

Policy brief & purpose

Our anti-discrimination policy explains how we prevent discrimination and protect our employees, customers and stakeholders from offensive and harmful behaviors. This policy supports our overall commitment to creating a safe and happy workplace for everyone.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, visitors, customers and stakeholders.

Policy elements

Discrimination is any negative action or attitude directed toward someone because of protected characteristics, like race and gender. Other protected characteristics are:



Ethnicity/ nationality

Disability/ medical history

Marriage / civil partnership

Pregnancy / maternity/ paternity

Gender identity/ sexual orientation

Discrimination and harassment

Our anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies go hand-in-hand. We will not tolerate any kind of discrimination that creates a hostile and unpleasant environment for employees, interns, volunteers or clients.

If you are the victim of discriminatory behavior (or if you suspect that others are being discriminated against,) please talk to the agency owner as soon as possible. She is responsible for hearing your claim, investigating the issue and determining serious steps to take.