Hello, I am Emma

Welcome, my name is Emma, I am half British and half Italian, I was brought up in France and in California and  I have lived in Perugia, in Italy, for over 25 years. This is the place I have chosen to live with my family and raise my three teenage lovely daughters and our dog Sasha.

My multicultural background and language skills have enabled me to work in many business areas including the fashion industry.  In all of my job experiences, I have had to be very organized, to learn how to deal with time management and to organize business events. This has definitely helped me in managing my crazy family life too lol.

This is why I started thinking of opening my own event agency, organizing weddings and celebrations combined with the unique settings which make them distinct from any other wedding. This area of Italy allows us to create the perfect destination wedding for anyone.

After taking the decision of starting my own business, I have focused on doing specific training to be as professional as possible. As the brand evolves, my staff and I have decided to focus on many different aspects of the wedding industry and to learn as much as possible, this is why, in the off-season, we take great care in improving our professional skills by attending business conferences,  event planning professional venues and courses. We know that to deliver the best service, we need to be constantly updated and to improve ourselves.

Photo by Giulia Corinti