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Unique Italian destinations for your wedding day

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Have you decided to have a destination wedding? You have decided to marry in Italy? How do you choose where to marry in Italy? This post will certainly help you with this tough decision, and you may choose  unique Italian destinations for your wedding day.

Maybe you are searching for an unknown and unique area of Italy for your wedding day.

If you are searching for a destination that can offer culture, history, art, delicious food and breathtaking settings, Italy is definitely the ideal country to get married. But don’t miss out on some beautiful areas of the country which could amaze you.

Why most people get married in Italy

The main reasons why people choose to marry in Italy is that they can go from north to south and enjoy a great variety of local and in season food and wine.  Other than the food, you can spend a great weekend with your loved ones surrounded by beautiful views of the countryside, the mountains, the sea or in historic cities. So don’t be scared of choosing a less popular area, try unusual Italian destinations for your wedding day.



Popular Italy Wedding regions

With a variety of landscapes, Italy has many popular and well-known regions. The famous Lake Como area with its luxurious Villas, going down the peninsula, has amazing views of the coast of Liguria with famous towns such as Portofino.

Rome is another classic destination with outstanding historic ruins which will deliver unforgettable memories and amazing shots to cherish for a lifetime.  The Amalfi Coast is an evergreen setting for the most romantic couples. Villa Maria with its ocean views and lush location surrounded by flowers, lemon trees, and delicious food make for a dream wedding destination.

Are you a sophisticated couple who dreams of a wedding in Venice? It has become another popular destination and it will not let you down.

Let us not forget Tuscany where you can choose from a town wedding in Florence or Siena to a countryside setting. There are no boundaries in the venues you may find from lush Villas to beautifully restored castles and historic farms.  I recommend Villa Pazzi al Parugiano, this newly restored historic Villa not far from Florence will enchant you. Its divine gardens and its heavenly decorated interiors will make you fall in love with it.


Villa -pazzi-del-parugiano-entrance-truscany


Villa Pazzi al Parugiano
Villa Pazzi al Parugiano


Unique Wedding Destinations in Italy

Have you ever thought of discovering new areas of Italy? There are so many unknown regions where you can find stunning wedding venues, outstanding local food and an incredible selection of local wines. Here are a few suggestions which can help you view this marvellous country differently.


The amazing Dolomites Mountains in the far northern part of Italy will amaze you with its grand peaks, green valleys and the kindness of locals. These mountains are ideal for a snowy winter wedding or a summer celebration in Italy.  Wedding venues in the Dolomites offer an infinite selection of amenities all year around from Spas to skiing and outdoor sports. Adler lodge is a luxurious Spa Resort which also offers private lodge solutions for a romantic honeymoon overlooking the mountains.

Umbria (The Green Heart of Italy)

If you want to discover central Italy, you have a wide choice of options in the Umbria region!  You can discover medieval towns and beautiful hidden venues with outstanding views of its famous green hills covered by olive groves and vines. Wedding venue options range from old monasteries to entire medieval villages, 18th century Villas or restored farmhouses.

Dimore Urbani is a restored farmhouse with a spectacular view of the surrounding hills. Its first class chef will delight you with mouthwatering specialities from the area. Scheggino, the nearby village is famous for its wild truffles.

Dimore Urbani in Scheggino
Food display at Villa Urbani Umbria
The breathtaking view from Dimore Urbani in Scheggino and buffet with florals by Sartoria floreale – Umbria

If you dream of a wedding by a lake, Lake Trasimeno is one of the biggest in Italy. Located in the town of Castiglione del Lago, you will be amazed by its historic beauty. Palazzo Pantini Nicchiarelli is definitely an amazing location, with a unique view on Lake Trasimeno. It offers a cosy setting with a charming indoor space will of frescos. The outdoor area is beautiful with its garden facing the lake, where you can enjoy your ceremony and your dinner party with your guests.





Villa Pantini Nicchiarelli – Afrescos -view of Lake Trasimeno


Puglia is a trendy region at the moment for weddings as it has hosted a few “celebrity weddings”. It offers venues in old Masseria where you are surrounded by ancient olive trees. The food is simply amazing as its climate is ideal for cultivation. The beaches and the crystal clear ocean will surprise you as they remind you of more tropical countries. It is also the region where the two seas that surround Italy meet.
Masseria Potenti will offer a cosy but lush location where you can have a beautiful wedding in a relaxing setting.  Local food from the farm and the wine from its estate will delight your palate.


Sicily speaks for itself, it is a magnificent region with some of the most amazing food and people. The oceanfront is stunning and your wedding party will love the ancient cultures of its towns. The historic mix due to the many past invasions has given this island a mystic feel. You won’t even believe what the food tastes like– its main ingredients are vegetables, fish and fruit. Sicily is a region that won’t let you down whether you choose the posh Taormina or the amazing historic town of Siracusa.  If you love to be surrounded by the sea you can also enjoy the Therasia Resort on the UNESCO World Heritage Eolie Islands.

Unique destinations in Italy for your wedding

Are you convinced? Have I shown you that Italy has a vast selection of regions where you can celebrate your wedding with friends and family? The best thing to do is to get help from a wedding planner who will guide you on the best suppliers and the top venues for your unforgettable wedding.

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