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How to choose the best wedding cake

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One of the top moments of your wedding day is the wedding cake. So how should you choose the best wedding cake so that it has a great impact on your special day?




The cake cutting represents the first activity done as a couple, this is why it is a peak moment on your wedding day. People never leave before the cake is cut by the newly wedded couple. This is also one of the main significant time for pictures to be taken by photographers, video makers and your guests. The wedding cake cutting,  happens as the couple stands behind the wedding cake, a toast is usually made and the first slice of cake is cut,  as a couple. These pictures will be cherished by all for the years to come and will be shared on social media. Therefore, the cake design is very important, but don’t underestimate the taste as your guests will talk about both aspects after your wedding celebrations.


how to choose your wedding cake


Top tips on how to choose the best wedding cake

Choosing the best wedding cake is very important for your wedding day. Your wedding cake must be beautiful, delicious, set in the best spot of your venue so that the images will be amazing and your guests will be as happy as possible.


Cake design

Make sure to think of the design you want. The options are infinite for your wedding cake, you can have a tiered cake, a big one tier cake, a pyramid croquembouche or decide on the new trend which is having two or three cakes nicely displayed on a table.


how to choose your wedding cake

Wedding cake size

The size of your wedding cake depends on the number of guests. If your desire is a big wedding cake design,  then choose a tiered cake as the patissier can make one or two fake cakes together with the real cake layers.

If you want to save some for the guests who cannot attend your wedding day, count them and tell your cake designer that you will send some out after the reception.




Wedding cake style

When you start thinking of the cake style you want, an easy way is to search online. Another option is to ask your baker to show you his portfolio. If you are a creative person, design your own wedding cake. This can be done by combining various designs you might have seen online. Try not to copy but take inspiration from other wedding cakes. Think about the general mood of your wedding, the theme and the colour coordination, this will help you. Make sure that your patissier is capable of doing the design you want as you do not want a bad surprise on your special day.


Wedding cake flavour

As I said, don’t miss out on a great wedding cake tasting. You will be spending money on it and you don’t want your guests to leave it on the plate and end the reception unhappy.

Think of the flavours you both like and ask the pastry chef to do a tasting especially if you are unsure. If you would like more than one flavour, make each tier with a different one, this will only be possible with multiple tier cakes or separate cakes but not with a single tier type.

You can also think of the season of your wedding celebration to help you decide on the flavour and where you are getting married. If it is a very hot place you may decide to add fresh in-season fruit and avoid anything too heavy.





Traditional cakes for destination weddings

If you are having a destination wedding, you may decide to go for a traditional cake from that area or country. In that case, do your research on their local wedding cakes and if you can, go prior to your wedding, do a tasting session.


When to order your wedding cake

Order your cake at least two months in advance, it is probably one of the last decisions you take when planning your wedding. If you want a specific patissier who may be very busy during the wedding season you could book it earlier than that. Some bakers are booked one year in advance! This is important especially if you need a very big cake of a complicated design, the designer needs to know how long it will take his team to create it.



As you can see, there are many aspects for you to decide on as a couple for your wedding cake. So take it a step at a time and happy wedding day.


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how to choose your wedding cake                           (Ph. by Giulia Corinti – Cake by Dispensa 63 – Floral design by Botanica Laboratorio floreale

Bridal gown Elisa Leclé Studio – Groom attire Abiti e Camicie su misura Perugia )




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