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The best destination wedding in 4 months

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I know the headline sounds crazy but organizing the best destination wedding in 4 months isn’t impossible. Some time ago, I received this crazy request from a bride and I thought that it would be impossible. After a pause, I decided that I would try to image organizing it. here are my considerations.


Destination weddings

The latest data says that 1 out of 4 weddings are destination weddings. A destination wedding is considered as such when the couple marries at least 100 miles from their home. 40% of all destination weddings are abroad.

A destination wedding can be tricky especially if it is abroad and if there are language and cultural issues. You may get the assistance of a local wedding planner to overcome these issues. Your destination wedding planner will be a great asset and will communicate faster with local suppliers as she or he will have a list of trusted collaborators.

Generally, a wedding takes 150 hours to organize and it might be more for a destination wedding therefore 30 days for your destination wedding isn’t long. You will have to take fast decisions and you may not get your dream venue if it is high season.

A wedding in 30 days means that you won’t have many guests as not many will be available to take off last minute for a 3 or 4 day holiday.



Here are 8 top tips on how to organize your destination wedding in only 4 months

  • My suggestion is to legally marry in your own country and have a symbolic wedding with your family and friends. The main reason is that each country has different agreements for weddings abroad and some may request specific documents which will need to be translated, and this is time-consuming. Another reason might be the timing, some countries want all documents to be sent weeks prior to the wedding day. For a religious wedding, it is even more complicated depending on the religion. This is why a celebrant will be the best choice for your symbolic wedding.


  • Have a clear budget, this is definitely the most important issue for any wedding but even more for a wedding organized in such a short time and abroad. You don’t want to go overboard with your costs. Once you have the budget set, you have a clear view of how you are spending your money on, but do consider an extra 5% for emergency expenses.




  • The etiquette for a destination wedding is that your guests usually pay for their trip and accommodation but you would be expected to pay for the wedding event and for all the food and maybe a goodie bag for them. Therefore, remember that you should pay for the meals before and after the wedding day.


  • Book your location immediately, if it is an off-season wedding or a mid-week event you will have a broader choice but if it is in high season you may have fewer selections. The ideal type of venue would be one that can host most of your guests so that you are all together but you may not find such a place in high season. It should also have an internal restaurant so that meals are easier to be organized. Don’t hesitate to ask for other restaurants in the area of the venue so that you can book it if you want to have a meal in another location.


  • Have a clear number of guests and announce your wedding date and the location as soon as possible so that you get an answer from them. Not many will manage to attend on such short notice as they might not be able to have a 3 or 4 day last minute holiday. Tell them to book their tickets immediately and book your own too. Due to the short notice, this will allow you to have fewer guests and to spend less money on catering.




  • You will have to get a pre-fitted gown and suit as custom made will take too long for it to be ready. Call your airline company and ask how you can transport your wedding dress. You should prefer taking it on the plane with you in a big box, you could book a seat for it. If the destination isn’t too far you may find a low-cost flight and the extra ticket could be worth it, especially if it is an expensive one. Do not pack your wedding attire in your luggage as it may get lost and you will find yourself without it on your wedding day or it could get stained if your sanitary or makeup products leak.


  • If you don’t have a wedding planner to help with your supplier research, ask the venue. They will have contacts with local trusted vendors which have worked with them in past events. This will certainly help you. Vendors will already know the venue so they won’t need to travel to it to do a site inspection, this is important for florists and bands/DJ.


  • If you want to incorporate extra activities to keep your guests busy, the location or your destination wedding planner will be a good source for ideas and tips.




Remember that a destination wedding will be a wonderful experience for you and your guests to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can get more news about destination wedding on Destination wedding details

Despite the having only 4 months to organize your destination wedding, it can be organized, as long as you are flexible and that you have a mid-range budget in case of last-minute costs. My suggestion is to get help through a destination wedding planner or with the venue.


Feel free to reach out if you want to organize your destination wedding with E.P. Unforgettable Events

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