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Italian style cocktails on your wedding day



Four Italian cocktails for your wedding

Have you thought of a cocktail to be served on your wedding day? What about a splash of colour with an Italian style cocktail? Are you a Prosecco fan but you want to perk it up with something unusual?  So why not add some colour to your wedding with a fun and tasty cocktail that can be a great alternative to plain Prosecco. These 4 Italian style cocktails for your wedding day, are easy to prepare and will  make your guests happy

A fun cocktail for your wedding day could be a Rossini, a Bellini, a Mimosa or a Tintoretto.




How and when was Rossini cocktail created

The bartender Giuseppe Cipriani created the Rossini cocktail in the mid-XX century in Venice

It is made with fresh strawberry pure and Prosecco. Rossini cocktail can be prepared in advance and kept in big pitchers which make it easier to serve during your wedding cocktail. It is served in a flute glass and has a fresh and sweet taste. The name comes as a homage to the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. This cocktail is light, fresh and colourful. Its colour might even be close to the colour theme of your wedding, this would make the day sparkle more and fun.

If you prefer champagne to Prosecco you can use it too.

 Rossini cocktail

7/10 of Prosecco

3/10 of strawberry pure




The history of Bellini cocktail

This cocktail has a specific date, 1948, it was created by the bartender Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice. He mixed prosecco with white peach pulp which gave it a pinkish colour. This made him think of the robe of a Saint painted by the famous Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini, this is where the name comes from.

It was apparently the favourite drink of Ernest Hemingway.

Bellini cocktail

7/10 of Prosecco

3/10 of white peach pure


Tintoretto cocktail

This cocktail is less renown but it also comes from Venice and was created in honour of the painter Tintoretto. It is ideal in the autumn season as the fruit added to the Prosecco is pomegrenade which is usually freshly picked between September and November. The colour is perfect if your colour scheme has an autumn palette.

Tintoretto Cocktail

The proportions are 1/3 pomegranate juice to 3/3 Prosecco and ice, it is served in a flute glass.



Mimosa cocktail

This cocktail is a variation of the previous three drinks but the fruit added to the prosecco is fresh orange juice and it is served in a flute glass.

Mimosa cocktail

1/3 orange juice

3/3 Prosecco




Which cocktail should you choose on your wedding day?

These 4 Italian style cocktails on your wedding day are only a few of the selections you can make from an infinite choice of cocktails. But if you like anything Italian style or you are planning your destination wedding in Italy, these could be an excellent choice.

How can you choose the right one, this is a difficult answer to give as each one of us has a unique taste. My suggestion is to taste them, to think of the season your wedding will be and think of the style and colour scheme of your wedding day. Finally, as you would do with your menu and your wedding cake, think of what your guests would mostly enjoy.


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