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“The power of color” by Vincenzo Antonuccio

mixed flower bunch

The final bunch – The Power of color

I  had the honour to spend a day with Vincenzo Antonuccio one of the top 10 floral masters of the FTD World Cup 2019.

The masterclass was held close to Pistoia in Tuscany at the florist shop Dino Bianchi. Vincenzo Antonuccio, showed us his impressive work by replicating his hand tied bunch of flowers to represent “The power of color”.


mixed flowers in vases on table

The flower selection – “The power of color”


What did we learn with Vincenzo Antonuccio

Vincenzo showed us all of the marvellous work by the top 5 floral masters of the FTD World Cup 2019.

He explained the various categories and showed us each countries’ work. The amazing talent and techniques used during the world cup in Philadelphia.

After showing us the works of the other participants, he showed us his work and he tried to make us feel the emotions and the many difficulties he had during the competition.


orange flowers


What difficulties did Vincenzo Antonuccio have during the floral masters of the FTD World Cup 2019?

One of the main problems that occurred was that he didn’t get all the flowers he had ordered but fortunately he got some help from other competitors.

Another difficulty of  the competition is that as a florist, you are alone and you cannot get help from your assistant. All accessories are given to you and the florist cannot get any help from others nor use ones own cutters or scissors.


metal structure

Metal and glass structure



mixed flowers

The master’s floral signiture


Vincenzo Antonucci show us how he represented “The power of color”

We were very lucky to admire Vincenzo while he replicated his amazing bunch of colourful flowers that he had done at the FTD World Cup 2019 in Philadelphia.

The theme was the Power of Colour and he created an impressive bunch with over 300 flowers. To do this, he created a base made of wire and with special glass which reflected various colours as a centre piece. He then added each flower twisting each stem perfectly to create a perfect bunch.

During the competition, he had no assistant to hand out flowers or to help him hold the very heavy bunch or to tie it up.

The video shows how to be mastered this impressive ability. During the occasion of the Masterclass, with the help of his assistant.

Below, you can admire him while working on his massive bunch of “The power of color”.

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