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Umbria is a movie set, make it your wedding set

In the past few years, Umbria, “ the green heart of Italy”, has been the centre of attention of film directors. Umbria is a natural a movie set, so why not make it your wedding set.


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This central region of Italy, untouched by the sea, is a real setting for medieval films as its towns and villages are the perfect natural site for these historical movies.
No need for props or fake settings, the film shooting has real-life backgrounds.

Blessed Virgin

One of these villages is Bevagna, where Paul Verhoeven has decided to shoot its latest work “Blessed Virgin” or “Benedetta”, the story of a controversial nun. Other parts of the movie set, took place in the main town of Umbria, Perugia and in Gubbio and in a few areas in Tuscany. The film is set in late medieval time and has, therefore, found its natural setting in the village of Bevagna.

umbria medieval movie setting

The Name of the rose mini-series

Another TV fiction series is the remake of “The name of the rose” based on the novel by Umberto Eco, Montelabate and Perugia have been chosen for this shooting. Matteo Levi, the producer has explained that Perugia has the right medieval atmosphere for the series. You can view the series on Netflix.

Disney mini series

In the past few years, even Disney channel has been shooting a TV series in the village of Bevagna with “Sara e Marti”, a TV series for teenagers.

Luisa Spagnoli mini series

Finally, the TV series, shown on Netflix on the life of the stylist Luisa Spagnoli was shot in Perugia. This great woman entrepreneur created the famous chocolate  Baci Perugina chocolates and her women’s clothing brand. The apparel brand is still run by the family. They dress many incredible women including the Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.



Morgan Freeman in Perugia

last summer, Perugia had the great pleasure to host Morgan Freem for an episode of his show on Netflix “The story of God”.

See a few images from the shooting in Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia


Umbria is a movie set, make it your wedding set

If Umbria has become a top-notch region for movie makers, why not make it the perfect place for your destination wedding. You will enjoy your celebration in incredible untouched medieval settings on lavish hills, overflown by olive groves and vineyards.

Not only can you find beautifully restored farmhouses but also luxurious resorts with Spa or golf courts or sumptuous villas and castles.

There are no limits to the kind of locations you can find. Most of all you will be surrounded by incredible nature and spectacular views.

Your guests will be impressed by the amazing local food and wine as young inspired chefs take great care in using local and in-season produce and transform them into lush dishes.

Any refined palate will experience  amazing 5-star food and wine.


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