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Masterclass in Umbria with Kevin Lee

If you have been following us on our social media, you know that Kevin Lee has held a Master class in Umbria together with the photographer Jules Bower.

The Masterclass organized by Daniela Corti of The Italian Wedding Stars, took place at Villa Valentini Bonaparte on the boarder between Umbria and Tuscany.

The Mastercalss with Kevin Lee was an amazing three days course for wedding planners and florists.

Find the videos of the three days event with Kevin Lee and Jules Bower in Umbria on this post.


Kevin Lee in Umbria

Together with Kevin Lee wedding planner


Who was the master class with Kevin Lee for?

This Master class in Umbria with Kevin Lee was mainly for wedding planners and florists. Kevin Lee was assisted by Paula Rooney floral Designer and her team. They executed his designs and explained the best way to create a classical table design, a modern setting and an English garden style.

These three very different styles, but in the same location, which showed how a wedding planner create totally different designs in the same location.

In this case, the location was an 18th century Villa on the border between Umbria and Tuscany by Lake Trasimeno.





The Villa in Umbria, offered a versitile setting for Kevin Lee’s design

This Villa was an amazing set for this Masterclass as it was very versatile and allowed us to create different styles internally and outdoors. The villa, the garden, the marquee were all amazing and we were able to see how design can differ in colours, style, flower creations, table setting and more to please our clients. This is very important, as together with clients we must create their dream- wedding day by interpretating their desired style. I personally didn’t have a favourite one as they were all very beautiful.


Floral arch over a wedding cake

we also created a beautiful floral arch over a tier naked wedding cake which gave the setting an incredible rose garden look. Together with lanterns and candels, the arch was whimsical and created a secret garden style. Perfect for the photo shooting of a couple while they cut their wedding cake.



Don’t forget lights

Another very interesting lesson by Kevin Lee was all about the importance of lights at weddings and events. Specific lights can change the ambience of your event. Not only that, but by changing the colours of the light, a same room can change radically according to your needs. Therefore you might want to start with an amber light to give a soft atmosphere during drinks and dinner, then when the partying starts you may change the tones while cutting the cake and again for the night dancing. This can be valid in any setting, whether it is inside a villa, a modern location or a medieval castle or for a wedding outdoors


gala night

Together with Paula Rooney Floral Design


The suppliers of the Masterclass



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