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9 ideas for an ecological wedding

Have you ever thought of having an ecological wedding?

Read the 9 areas of your wedding where you can be more ecological.

Most couples don’t think about the environment when it comes to their wedding.  The environment cannot be ignored so try to think out of the box and create a wonderful event without forgetting about being ecological while organizing your wedding day, below, you will find many things you can do to help the environment. It is a pity to ignore such important issues, even if you are planning a destination wedding, you can be ecological and it could be a great idea as your main theme. Here are 9 ideas for your ecological wedding.



The first thing to think about is where you want to get married if you decide on a local wedding it is easier but don’t exclude a destination weddings, as it can be ecological. The first thing to have is a location for both the service and the celebration. This way, you can avoid transportation from one venue to the other. If your wedding is away from home get busses to transport your guests from the station/airport to the venue. You can even choose a location with rooms for all your guests or find a close by hotel or B&B. In this case,  you will get mini buses for their transportation from accommodation to the venue.



As I wrote above, decide on a unique location for the service and the celebrations, find a place with a nice garden. The garden should be big enough for all your guests to have plenty of space (internal and outdoors) to walk around, dance and have an overall good time. If there are babies, ask if the location can provide a quite space for them to sleep and get changed, this will make it easier on the parents who will want to have a fun and stress-free day.


A couple holding hands in a weat field


The couple could rent their wedding outfit, or buy them second hand, many people sell their wedding gown and suit online after their wedding. A wedding dress could be borrowed or restyled even if it comes from a family member. In case you cannot resist buying a new one, think of selling it after the wedding for another couple, this way the dress won’t be worn only once. You may even choose natural fabrics and get a tailored made gown. If you decided on a simpler model or a suit, then it will be easier to wear it again many times. The same can be done for bridesmaids or groomsmen.



Food is important and couples always want the best on their day. Try to get the caterer to use local and in season food, this way you will promote local businesses and the food won’t have flown half-way around the world. The trend in Italy has been to promote its local specialities, not only food but also wine, as it has such a vast choice, the same can be done in most places worldwide. Find a cake maker who will make an organic wedding cake with local ingredients. Avoid bottled water and ask for jugs of tap water instead, the same can be done with the wine to reduce waste, find a local producer who will sell it in bulk and use jugs to serve it.



Flowers can be sourced locally or be original and decorate your location with local plants such as fresh herbs and trees. You can get your floral designer to make table decorations with local in-season vegetables and fruit such as lemons, pumpkins, pinecones etc. Also, use vases instead of oasis for the flower decor as oasis won’t biodegrade. Get your guests to launch dried petals or biodegradable confetti after the service. Us soy or beeswax candles on the tables. Simple decorations can be very elegant and will cost less.


Natural table setting



Search for wildlife-friendly favours for your wedding guests, such as seeds of wildflowers, or maybe something useful or from fairtrade shops or even donate to charity and give an explanation card to your guests they will appreciate it.



The rings can be second hand, from fairtrade production or from ethical jewellers.  You don’t have to buy gold and diamonds but you can search for a local artisan who can make a unique ring with semi-precious stones or with a unique and personalised design.


wedding rings- EP Unforgettable Events


Invitations, menus, place cards and any other stationery necessary can be done on recycled paper, you could get it printed with natural colours or find an artisan to produce them turning them into art and something to cherish. I have seen invitations with seeds inside so that your guests can plant them. There are many ecological solutions you can choose from.


Wedding confetti cone and fan by Fragola Lilla


Avoid anything that has lots of packaging, fireworks, lanterns as the metal part ends up in the middle of the fields, (Unless you find the 100% biodegradable ones) and avoid plastic straws in your cocktails.

These 9 ideas for your ecological wedding can be implemented according to your personal needs.

EP Unforgettable Events can organize a top quality celebration in Italy, keeping in mind all of your ecological needs. Of course, I would love to organize an eco-friendly wedding.

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Invitation and fan by Fragola Lilla 

Picture of rings by @redaquamedia

Picture of natural table setting by @anniespratt


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