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The perfect wedding gown fitting day

How to prepare for the perfect gown fitting day

For many brides-to-be, the wedding dress is a dream come true as it represents what many have dreamed of since they were little girls. The ideal way to choose the best gown is by starting with the perfect wedding gown fitting day.

It is probably the most important and expensive dress of your life, the most admired, photographed and awaited by all the guests.

Magazines, catalogues, websites are the first places all brides-to-be start their research. Brides will also ask advice to friends and family members, but if you have a wedding planner you may count on her expertise for suggestions.

Searching for the wedding dress can also be stressful as the look one dreams of, may not coincide with the budget or the body figure. So these 16 tips will certainly help you have the perfect wedding gown fitting experience.


Many looks to choose from, brides love to have a unique style

The different types of the fabric of wedding gowns make it a complex choice, tulle, taffeta, lace, organza are only a few of the many choices on the market and they can all include beads, Swarovski, pearls, flower, sequins and much more.

For some brides a ballgown is the ideal look, or an A shape gown, a sexy look to show off the body, some prefer sleeves or braces and others prefer a bear back.

The new generations love to be unique, so you may decide on a colour for their dress and keep it through the entire wedding theme, a few choose trousers or a short cut dress. If the shop doesn’t offer the right design, brides can select a seamstress to make a tailored dress for their big day.

Therefore the choice is infinite which makes it very complicated, the tips you will find below will allow you to live the best gown fitting day without too much stress.


Here are 16 tips on how to start the research

1- Set a budget, this will give you the idea of what you can afford

2- Search for ideas, you may like considering your height, your body shape and the mood of your wedding day

3-Shop early as wedding dresses might need over 6 months to be made

4-Even if you plan to lose weight, order it in your current size, you will have time to inform the shop that you have lost weight and you will do a few fittings before the wedding in any case

5-The theme of your wedding day is very important for the choice of the wedding gown, you don’t want a ballgown for a beach wedding or a garden party look for a winter theme day as you don’t want your dress to clash on the wedding style.

6-Don’t forget to add the veil, the underwear, the shoes and any other accessories and any tailoring fee for the dress to your final budget, so ask the shop for the extra costs.

7- Ask friends, family members or your wedding planner (if you have one), for referrals on the bridal shop, don’t waste your time and try to find the right one which will give you the best choice and service

8- Call the shop before hand for an appointment and ask for the designer they carry if you already know what you are looking for or ask if they have that original gown you want (such as colour, trousers, short cut or mid-length dresses or any other uncommon details you want), don’t waste your time nor theirs.

9- Before you go to try gowns, think of a few adjectives to describe what you want, classical, vintage, 50’s, tight fit, princess style, A-shape, or describe the mood you want for the big day. You may want to take pictures of what you like to the appointment.

10- On the day of the appointment, don’t take too many people with you as they may all have different taste and ideas and they might confuse you on the dress to pick. The maximum number could be 5 people.

11- Wear the right underwear to try the gowns, these should be nude colour and seamless or thongs and a strapless bra or with transparent braces. Also, take a pair of shoes with a similar heel like the ones you will choose, this will help you have a feeling of the final look, or ask the shop if they can make you use one of theirs.

12- Do keep in mind that the shape of the dress needs to flatter you as much as possible, so be open-minded with the consultant as she knows how to exalt your body in the right places.

13- The fabric is also important, it can be light-weight and have a flowing look or be heavier for a rigid fitting. Do consider if it is comfortable for your needs, you need to be able to sit, walk and maybe dance in it.

14- Don’t try gowns that are above your budget as you may fall in love with it and hate any other gown.

15- If you have a family veil or jewellery you want to wear on your wedding day, take it to the appointment so that you can see the overall look

16- Consider the season of your wedding whether it is a summer celebration or a winter one. This will also help you choose the right style, the fabric and the perfect accessories


Ph: Giulia Corinti

Gown designer: Elisa Leclé Studio

Model: Medjana Cupi

Hairstylist: Tullia Cutini Parrucchieri

Makeup: Centro Estetico Eco Estetique

Location: Agriturismo Borgo Pulciano



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