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Italy is an ideal wedding destination for its food


Do you want exquisite Italian food on your wedding day?

EP Unforgettable Events is based in Italy and as you may already know, Italians take their food very seriously. Food is one of the most important issues on an everyday basis, so just imagine how important it is when one celebrates a unique event such as a wedding!

The meal during any celebration becomes a fundamental moment for all the guests as they relax and want a fun time with friends and family. Good food and good company are the ideal ingredients for a perfect wedding. If you are deciding on a destination for your unforgettable day, trust me, Italy is the place to do it.


What to ask your caterer for your wedding

We all know that food satisfies all the senses of human beings, so a good dish needs to be tasty, smell good, it has to be well presented and it has to have a perfect consistency this is how we get gratified by it.

This is why you need to consider the professionality of the caterer and the service from the kitchen to the table. You want your guests to leave full and happy.

You will need to ask many questions to the caterer about the quality of the food, how you will decide on the menu with the best combinations of wine and which kind of service you might want. Of course, prices vary according to the number of dishes, the number of guests, the type of service (buffet or table service) and the quality of the wine.



What to expect from your chef for your wedding

In the past few years, many aspects have changed in Italy. In the past, people used to banquet for hours with an infinity of dishes which made it impossible for the guests to eat all of the food, this made weddings never-ending celebrations. But in the past few years, there has been great change, young couples prefer fewer dishes aiming for better quality, tradition and local ingredients. Most chefs, now prepare their dishes with the season in mind so that they can deliver top quality food. The aim is to have the freshest and as local as possible ingredients.

You may decide for a simple menu or something more traditional or trendy and complex, any which way is fine as long as it suits your personality and your taste. This is why you need to consider the menu by tasting all the dishes you will ask your chef to prepare. You need to ask questions and you need to make sure it is what you desire.

As you know, Italy has amazing wine from north to south you have an incredible selection, so ask the chef for advice in case there is no sommelier, or consult with a local sommelier when you decide on the menu.


Never forget to inform the chef of any special needs or allergies

Don’t forget to inform the caterer of any guests with allergies or food intolerance so that he/she can prepare a specific menu for them. You will also have to previously inform the maitre where your guest is seated so that they will serve its special menu directly, you don’t want to start running around the location to find the chef at the last minute nor do you want to take care of your guest with a dish in your hand, your wedding day needs to be a fun moment for you. In case you have a wedding planner, this information needs to be clear previously and she/he will make sure your guest will get what they need.

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