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Where should you celebrate your wedding?


What is the best location to celebrate your wedding day

The location for your wedding day, is the place where you will celebrate your magical moment with your guests. There are an infinite quantity of options, farmhouses, castles, villas, parks, gardens, historic venues and restaurants.

It is very trendy to choose unusual places to celebrate weddings, such as museums or theatres. You may also wish to have your ceremony in the same place as the celebration reception. This choice may be easier for guests and the couple as you won’t need to think about transportation between the two sites.


Your wedding location should have a meaning to the couple

The location needs to have a meaning to the couple or the right taste and mostly express the right mood and emotion according to the theme they want to communicate to their guests. It is for sure, one of the most important decision of the entire wedding.

In case of an outdoor  celebration, you need to consider alternative indoor seating or a marquee in case of last minute bad weather. You might also want to check if they have the right space for a mobile kitchen for the catering if they don’t have an internal one and enough electrical power for the music, the lights and the ovens.

Celebrate your entire wedding at the same location

The positive aspect of some of these locations can be the possibility to celebrate the wedding on site, especially civil services and of course symbolic weddings which can be celebrated in all locations. This will allow you to save on the transportation, especially if you wish to have a destination wedding, as your guests might not have a car available from the service location to the banqueting site.

You will also need to find out if the location has specific rules regarding night time music (some hotels don’t want loud noise after a certain time), or regarding decorations or fireworks.

Finally, many locations have their own catering companies or internal restaurant who will cater for your unforgettable wedding. In that case you won’t have any choice on who to choose, which might make it easy as you won’t need to research for a caterer but it will also limit you if you wanted a specific one. On the contrary, if the location doesn’t have a caterer, you will need to find one.




The style of your wedding will influence the choice of the location

As you can see, you really need to think ahead of time on the kind of wedding you want as you don’t want a farmhouse location if your desire is to have a princess style venue or rent a renaissance villa if you wish for a modern look.

So before you book a location focus on what your wedding should really look like, the style, the overall mood needs to be the “fil rouge” for all of your decisions. The location, the flower arrangement, the decorations, the gown or dress code, the wedding cake and any extra services you might wish for.

In case you have trouble finding the right location or you think you won’t have enough time for all the research, then you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner who can help you make all the right choices, as she will already have most of the information on all the venues around her area or she will contact her colleagues for the right suggestion in case the wedding isn’t in her area.

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