Wed in Italy

Have you thought of a wedding in Italy

Why should you choose Italy as your destination wedding? There are many answers to this question, a part from a perfect destination holiday, Italy has culture, overwhelming landscapes and outstanding food and wine. These are the perfect ingredients for an amazing wedding with your closest frinds and family memebers.

What more can you desire for the perfect escape wedding?


What to expect from a wedding in Italy

If you decide to marry in Italy, you must know that weddings here are a serious issue which usually involve many members of the family and are awaited with great excitement. It is often organized by mothers and aunts and the food is the main issue for most families as you want your guests to leave full and happy.

Of course, you won’t have the same help as Italy is a foreign country for you and the language barrier will make it difficult to communicate with suppliers, therefore our suggestion is to get a wedding planner, this will also help you organize the best solution for your needs.


Italy can offer infinite locations and landscapes, Medieval castles in Umbria, Renaissance villas or farmhouses. You can choose from a variety of natural beauties by getting married by the mediterranean sea, in the countryside, up the most beautiful mountains or in one of the top worldwide known cultural cities.

Italy delivers some of the best wedding options for a magical and dream celebration. You can be as original as you wish and discover unknown areas of the country and offer a delightful holiday for your guests.

So start by deciding the best region for your venue, in any case you won’t go wrong as all of Italy can offer many solutions as for locations, food, wine, experiences, and style.

Remember that Italy has different food and wine  specialities  depending on where you decide to marry. In a way it makes it even more exciting to try new areas from the most famous ones, where you can find beautiful venues and taste exceptional food which will inhance your guest’s memorable weekend.


What is the best help for your wedding in Italy?

With the help of a wedding planner, you will get the best help possible finding a the location, the catering, the photographer, the makeup artist and hairstylist and why not, the perfect wedding gown or italian made suit for the grooms.

Lets not forget the food aspect of your wedding, as I said earlier, italians simply love their food and they expect the very best on their weddings. Therefore, your guests will experience a unique and happy celebration which will be forever memorable. We all know that this is what all couples wish for from their unforgettable day.

As you know. style is a synonym for Italians so you can be sure that your event won’t lack it.

Food, style, culture, history, wine, design and much more can be found here to suit your needs. All of these details will allow you to live the best experience ever!

If you decide to marry in Italy, please contact us. EP Unforgettable Events will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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