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Engaged, what are the next steps for the couple


Are you engaged? Congratulations!


Engaged, what are the next steps for you to take?

The first question all couples ask, is where do we start from now? Many are the aspects to think about but some need to be confirmed first.

Below, you will find the first steps to prioritise when you start making your choices for your unforgettable day.


Here are the first 6 steps to take after your engagement

1- The most important step to take is decide on the date, generally a year is a good time-laps to organize a big wedding, because spring and summer seasons (April to October) tend to be the busiest for locations, celebration venues such as churches, photographers and all the main suppliers. As a general idea, don’t leave it too late and leave yourself at least 6 months. If your desire is to marry abroad, you will have to choose a country and a city and maybe find help to organize it especially if you don’t know the local language as the search of local suppliers would be very difficult to find. In this case,  remember that you need to send out the invitations at least 6 months earlier as your guests will need to get organized to book their trip and hotel accomodation.

2- You will also need to decide on the budget you want to spend, this will help you to keep track of your future decisions with your wedding planner and the suppliers for your celebration.

3- Once you have agreed on the date and the budget, you will need to search on the location for the celebration, whether its a church, a civil service or a symbolic celebration.

4- As soon as you have chosen where the service will take place, you need to to concentrate on the venue or the restaurant you want. As all wedding services, these get booked months in advance by all couples and you may not find the right place if you wait too long. This is very important as you want it to be no further than half an hour away from the service. You don’t want your guests to spend half a day in their cars and you may also need to organize cars or busses for them if it is a destination wedding and costs will have to be included in your budget.

5- The next step will be to search for a good photographer, video maker, remember that they are the most important people to book as they will deliver your lifetime memory. The music issue  will be the next to book, wether you want a band, a DJ or a group of arches you must find them soon as they get booked in advance too.




6- Finally, about 5 months prior to your chosen date, you will book all the other suppliers, flowers, cake, decorations, fireworks, and all the paper details (invitations, tableau, menus etc) these will be ultimated when all the details will be defined. When you will have the final list of guests and how many will participate, you will be able to have the right number to be printed.

If you decide to have a wedding planner, she/he will be the one doing most of the research and she will give you a timeline so that you don’t forget taking the necessary decisions at the right time. Thanks to her work,  those decisions will be easier and you will have a stress free wedding.

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