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What is the best location to celebrate your wedding day

The location for your wedding day, is the place where you will celebrate your magical moment with your guests. There are an infinite quantity of options, farmhouses, castles, villas, parks, gardens, historic venues and restaurants.

It is very trendy to choose unusual places to celebrate weddings, such as museums or theatres. You may also wish to have your ceremony in the same place as the celebration reception. This choice may be easier for guests and the couple as you won’t need to think about transportation between the two sites.


Your wedding location should have a meaning to the couple

The location needs to have a meaning to the couple or the right taste and mostly express the right mood and emotion according to the theme they want to communicate to their guests. It is for sure, one of the most important decision of the entire wedding.

In case of an outdoor  celebration, you need to consider alternative indoor seating or a marquee in case of last minute bad weather. You might also want to check if they have the right space for a mobile kitchen for the catering if they don’t have an internal one and enough electrical power for the music, the lights and the ovens.

Celebrate your entire wedding at the same location

The positive aspect of some of these locations can be the possibility to celebrate the wedding on site, especially civil services and of course symbolic weddings which can be celebrated in all locations. This will allow you to save on the transportation, especially if you wish to have a destination wedding, as your guests might not have a car available from the service location to the banqueting site.

You will also need to find out if the location has specific rules regarding night time music (some hotels don’t want loud noise after a certain time), or regarding decorations or fireworks.

Finally, many locations have their own catering companies or internal restaurant who will cater for your unforgettable wedding. In that case you won’t have any choice on who to choose, which might make it easy as you won’t need to research for a caterer but it will also limit you if you wanted a specific one. On the contrary, if the location doesn’t have a caterer, you will need to find one.




The style of your wedding will influence the choice of the location

As you can see, you really need to think ahead of time on the kind of wedding you want as you don’t want a farmhouse location if your desire is to have a princess style venue or rent a renaissance villa if you wish for a modern look.

So before you book a location focus on what your wedding should really look like, the style, the overall mood needs to be the “fil rouge” for all of your decisions. The location, the flower arrangement, the decorations, the gown or dress code, the wedding cake and any extra services you might wish for.

In case you have trouble finding the right location or you think you won’t have enough time for all the research, then you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner who can help you make all the right choices, as she will already have most of the information on all the venues around her area or she will contact her colleagues for the right suggestion in case the wedding isn’t in her area.

If you decide to celebrate your special day in Italy, feel free to contact EP Unforgettable Events


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Reasons to hire a wedding planner to organize the perfect wedding day

The reason why most couples decide to book a wedding planner for their perfect wedding  is because they need help. The lack of time due to busy lives makes it harder for couples to find the time to research the right location, the best caterer, the music, the flower designer and all the other suppliers necessary to turn your celebration into The unforgettable day your have dreamt of and enjoy the day as relaxed as possible.

Therefore the consultant will make the couple save time as she/he will offer a few solutions according to the style and mood you want to live. The planner will keep in touch with all the suppliers for you and take care of all the details following your instructions. This means that most of teh research and all of the coordination is up to the planner to take care of while you enjoy your guests.



What will the wedding planner do

A wedding planner manages, selects and coordinates all suppliers of the wedding, and will propose different solutions to suit the couple’s desires. These suppliers would have been tested by the wedding consultant or they would have been indicated by trusted partners. So the wedding planner will be certain of what she offers, as everything has to be perfect and up to the couple’s expectations.

The planner is also style consultant and will propose the right location and ideas for the mood the couple wants for their special day. All the details will have to be cared for by her/him, such as special menus for allergies or food intolerance, or how to get your elderly family members to the venue for the dinner and will take care of teh needs for your disabled guests.

She will suggest the music and might attend the wedding couple when they choose the wedding attire and the dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls, if they decide to have them. The main job for the planner is to make the couple’s wedding day stress free so that they can enjoy the happiness with their friends and families.



The wedding planner organizes

A wedding planner organizes and takes care of all of the details for the couple and coordinates the wedding day. She is the “middle man” between the suppliers and the couple and she/he has to make her/his client’s dream event become reality in the most professional way. Therefore, a planner will take care of the commercial aspect and manage relationships with all of the actors of the event.

If you decide to marry abroad, you will certainly need a planner as it will help you find the suppliers and communicate with them, especially if there is a language barrier. The planner abroad will certanly have many contacts of good suppliers for your perfect destination wedding.

When you decide to hire a wedding planner, you must find professionality to aim to make your celebration unforgettable.

If you wish to receive information from EP Unforgettable events for your dream wedding abroad, maybe in Italy don’t hesitate to contact us.



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Have you thought of a wedding in Italy

Why should you choose Italy as your destination wedding? There are many answers to this question, a part from a perfect destination holiday, Italy has culture, overwhelming landscapes and outstanding food and wine. These are the perfect ingredients for an amazing wedding with your closest frinds and family memebers.

What more can you desire for the perfect escape wedding?


What to expect from a wedding in Italy

If you decide to marry in Italy, you must know that weddings here are a serious issue which usually involve many members of the family and are awaited with great excitement. It is often organized by mothers and aunts and the food is the main issue for most families as you want your guests to leave full and happy.

Of course, you won’t have the same help as Italy is a foreign country for you and the language barrier will make it difficult to communicate with suppliers, therefore our suggestion is to get a wedding planner, this will also help you organize the best solution for your needs.


Italy can offer infinite locations and landscapes, Medieval castles in Umbria, Renaissance villas or farmhouses. You can choose from a variety of natural beauties by getting married by the mediterranean sea, in the countryside, up the most beautiful mountains or in one of the top worldwide known cultural cities.

Italy delivers some of the best wedding options for a magical and dream celebration. You can be as original as you wish and discover unknown areas of the country and offer a delightful holiday for your guests.

So start by deciding the best region for your venue, in any case you won’t go wrong as all of Italy can offer many solutions as for locations, food, wine, experiences, and style.

Remember that Italy has different food and wine  specialities  depending on where you decide to marry. In a way it makes it even more exciting to try new areas from the most famous ones, where you can find beautiful venues and taste exceptional food which will inhance your guest’s memorable weekend.


What is the best help for your wedding in Italy?

With the help of a wedding planner, you will get the best help possible finding a the location, the catering, the photographer, the makeup artist and hairstylist and why not, the perfect wedding gown or italian made suit for the grooms.

Lets not forget the food aspect of your wedding, as I said earlier, italians simply love their food and they expect the very best on their weddings. Therefore, your guests will experience a unique and happy celebration which will be forever memorable. We all know that this is what all couples wish for from their unforgettable day.

As you know. style is a synonym for Italians so you can be sure that your event won’t lack it.

Food, style, culture, history, wine, design and much more can be found here to suit your needs. All of these details will allow you to live the best experience ever!

If you decide to marry in Italy, please contact us. EP Unforgettable Events will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

Have a fun weekend with your closest friends and family!

A destination wedding is when you decide to wed away from home (at least 100 miles from where the couple lives), maybe in another town or in another country.

Destination marriages seem to be very trendy at the moment as it allows couples to have a celebration weekend with friends and family. Indeed, there are endless possibilities to create fun moments when you have two to three days or more, it also allows your guests to add a few days and have a holiday in a new place and the couple can continue their honeymoon touring the country of destination.

Smaller wedding

Most destination weddings are smaller than normal as few guests will have the possibility to travel, maybe because of old age or lack of time or they may not have the money for the trip. This will ensure a smaller guest list with just your very special friends and family members. To allow all of your loved ones, friends, colleagues to attend some kind of celebration, many couples decide to have an informal party at home when they come back from their honeymoon, an idea can be as a backyard BBQ as it would be less expensive and fun for all.

When you have a destination wedding, you can organize different venues for your guests from a fun rehearsal dinner to a post-wedding brunch by the pool, this can make your wedding weekend unique and will remain memorable for all your guests. You can also organize experiences such as cooking lessons or wine tasting in Italy, or horseback riding and trekking in the countryside or scuba diving at the seaside. You can find endless ideas. If you have the help of a wedding planner she can find unusual ways to entertain your guests according to the chosen location. The idea is to spend quality time with them, as weddings, usually last  6 to 8 hours and couples are busy getting pictures taken and the emotion of the wedding doesn’t allow them to enjoy their guests as much as they would want to.

Experience a meaningful destination

Another reason for a destination wedding is that you can share with your guests a meaningful place you love with them or discover a new one you have always wanted to visit. There are so many possible solutions that you can also be unique by choosing an uncommon location for your special day.

The location of your celebration will also influence the theme and the look of your wedding, from the partner’s clothes to the flowers and the general decorations during the ceremony and at the location.

You will have a different approach whether its an informal wedding on the beach, an elegant celebration in a Villa, a romantic and chic weekend in the countryside or a lush venue in a modern style location.

So feel free to be unique and create the most desirable wedding which fits your personal needs.

Start planning your wedding

The best way for you to have a stress free wedding is to have a good wedding planner, this is fundamental if you have a destination wedding in a foreign country,

where you may not have any contacts nor speak the language. The planner will guide you through each step and will help you find the best suppliers at the best price for your specific needs.

If you decide to organize it alone, with the help of friends and family, you need to follow specific steps and make yourself a personalized timeline for the months to come.

The date and the location

As soon as you have decided on the date and the location of the service and of the celebration you will need to start thinking of the many details around the wedding.

It is important for you to take a step at a time and think of one issue at a time so that stress doesn’t overwhelm you.


This is the suggested order you should contact your suppliers

  • The church or the civil venue to verify if it is free on your date
  • The location for the celebration, a villa, a castle, a country house, ar restaurant or the catering
  • The photographer and the video maker for your wedding, try to meet them and explain what you want as the pictures will be your memory for the years to come
  • Musicians for the ceremony and for the following party
  • the spouse’s apparel and shoes
  • Invitations
  • book your honeymoon
  • Gifts for your guests
  • Decorations and flowers for the ceremony and for the chosen location
  • Transportation for each spouse and for the guests if necessary
  • wedding cake if the restaurant or the caterer doesn’t provide one
  • A babysitter or children’s entertainer, fireworks, lanterns and any other ideas for the wedding day
  • Book a room for your first night together
  • Any other details you may want to make your day unique


For any other suggestions especially for a special wedding in Italy, please feel free to contact EP Unforgettable Events 



Every year in December, Pantone selects the trend setting colour for the new year to come. The trensetter has influenced product development decisions in many industries, including fashion, home furnishings, weddingdesign, industrial design and graphic design.

Pantone declares

Here are Pantone‘s declaration: “Vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment…Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.”

The wedding industry

The wedding industry always awaits for this great moment with excitmente as the “elected” colour can lead the industry to be inspired by it. This year, the chosen colour, Living Coral 16-1546,  is somewhat a classical one for many weddings. It can easily be found in nature through the many spring and summer flowers such as roses, tulips, gerbera daisy, peonies, ranunculus, freesias and zinnias these are only a few of the many options you may want for your flower designs.



How to use living coral for your wedding

Therefore, if you love living coral, you might want to add a touch of it to your invitations or your decor, you may choose coral candels, napkins or table wear the possibilities are endless. The main thing is to be as creative as you want.

Generally, a tipical use of coral is for bridesmaids gowns, and why not add it to your look with coral shoes or matching accessories for grooms and groomsmen, ties, socks, boutonniere can turn a simple look into a vibrant one.

Finally, your wedding cake can have as many coral details as you wish from a simple ribbon to wonderful flowers, as I said, the possibilities are infinite. You could even create a fun coral cocktail or add coral colour macarons or cupcakes.

In conclusion, the final question is, will you add living Coral to your wedding theme? If you do will you combinate it with other colours?


Ph. by Catrina Farrell