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The perfect bridal make-up and hairstyle

Who doesn’t want to look perfect on their wedding day? The perfect bridal make-up and hairstyle are very important to all brides. This is why, after you have chosen your wedding gown, the next thing to think about is the make-up and hairstyle. The main reason is that the brides are always the with of attention with guests and for the photographer.

Make-up and hairstyle need to be perfectly combined to the style you chose to have. You also know that not only everyone will be admiring you, but that any problem will show up in all the memorable pictures. If you have a wedding planner, she/he will indicate the best professionals for you.

Choose the right professional for your perfect look

If you have a trusted hair designer and a make-up artist that you is better if you don’t change them, as the intimate relationship will make the look easier to decide. Take pictures and describe what you want to match your gown. You may even consider going to your florist to get a few fresh flowers for the trial or ask for their help in case you want a crown made of fresh flowers. If you are considering other decors on your hair take them with you. It is important for you and for them to do a few trials so that the hairstyle and the make-up are exactly to your taste



How to have the best look at your destination wedding?

In case you are having a destination wedding, you might not have the opportunity to try different looks prior to the wedding. Therefore with the help of a planner and images, you may find on the internet, you will be able to communicate what you want to the professionals. In case you have enough time for a trial even the day before your wedding organise it,  especially if you get the service a professional you do not know. Lastly, you could have a phone conversation prior to your arrival and discuss a few styles you like so that the make-up artist and the hairdresser can have a better idea of what you wish for.

What can the bride do before the wedding day to have the perfect look?

The main thing is that you feel as comfortable as possible with the style,  as you have to be happy on your wedding day.

Prior to the big celebration, you should try to pamper yourself. Start a couple of months prior to the wedding by taking care of your skin and hair by going to her esthetician for a couple of facials, a day in the spa, a few sunbeds for extra colour. Get your wax done a couple of days before and your nails should be done the day before the wedding but try to start getting them done the month before so that they are as you wish.

Start thinking months before how you want your hair. The length and the colour can be adjusted during the months before so think ahead of time. Do your last hair colour a few days before the celebration.


Photographer: Giulia Corinti

Hairstylist: Cutini Parrucchieri

Makeup artist: Centro Estetico Eco Esthetique

Hair accessories and gown: Elisa Leclé Studio

Model: Medjana Cupi




Why go to Bit Milano your travel exhibition?

BIT Milano is the biggest travel exhibition in Italy since 1980. This year not only travel but also wedding seminars were one of the main themes for BIT Milan 2019.

The exhibition is mainly open to professionals but on Sunday it opened its doors to all. On Monday and Tuesday, the exhibition was reserved for professionals as they could attend conferences and seminars.

Not only were most Italian regions were there promoting their territory but one could go around the world in a few minutes.

One floor was dedicated to the Italian market with talks, hotels, tours, tour operators and cultural events. But also local food was displayed and presented as each territory has its very own specialities.

On the second floor, the pavilion was dedicated to foreign countries. Most of the world was represented and many countries delighted the public with local dances and food specialities. The main aim was to do business, to promote hotels, tours and the local art, music and culture. It was impressive to see most of the world in a few square meters, hear so many languages, different music and cultures all in one place


What did E.P. Unforgettable Events do at BIT Milano?

As you know, we are a destination wedding planner agency and our couples are mainly foreigners. BIT Milano,  allowed us to get in touch with foreign operators.

We very happy to meet wonderful professionals who wanted to promote their locations in Italy, not only in Umbria but also in other regions.

E.P. Unforgettable Events was able to expand its contacts with unique sites for our future clients who wish to wed in Umbria but also in other areas of the country. As a company we were able to attend specific seminars for the wedding industry at BIT 2019.


(Chef Antonio Marangi)



Wedding seminar at BIT Milano 2019

There were many seminars at the exhibition, the main one for our business interest was, of course, wedding related seminars. In fact, an area of the exhibition was dedicated to the wedding industry with “I love wedding“. This seminar promoted and held by the Associazione Wedding Planner, was very interesting. Most of the professionals who took part, explained how the wedding industry has changed in the last years. From a wedding planner’s point of view, as many brides have changed the way they like their wedding, how they search for inspiration and how they work with wedding planners.

We also had the pleasure to meet chefs and food experts who talked about the wedding food experience in Italy. As a nation, we are very specialised with the food experience but we need to improve our specialities, especially for  cultural and religious specific needs.

Difference between a wedding planner and a wedding trader

Finally, one of the main messages that came through was the necessaty to undestand the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding trader. This is fundamental for those who work in the business but also for brides and grooms who search for a professional to assist them.

A wedding planner will organize a wedding from A to Z. She or he will be an organization help but will also be there from an emotional point of view. On the other hand, a wedding trader is the contact within the hotel or the location who will support a couple or a wedding planner in the organization on site.



How to prepare for the perfect gown fitting day

For many brides-to-be, the wedding dress is a dream come true as it represents what many have dreamed of since they were little girls. The ideal way to choose the best gown is by starting with the perfect wedding gown fitting day.

It is probably the most important and expensive dress of your life, the most admired, photographed and awaited by all the guests.

Magazines, catalogues, websites are the first places all brides-to-be start their research. Brides will also ask advice to friends and family members, but if you have a wedding planner you may count on her expertise for suggestions.

Searching for the wedding dress can also be stressful as the look one dreams of, may not coincide with the budget or the body figure. So these 16 tips will certainly help you have the perfect wedding gown fitting experience.


Many looks to choose from, brides love to have a unique style

The different types of the fabric of wedding gowns make it a complex choice, tulle, taffeta, lace, organza are only a few of the many choices on the market and they can all include beads, Swarovski, pearls, flower, sequins and much more.

For some brides a ballgown is the ideal look, or an A shape gown, a sexy look to show off the body, some prefer sleeves or braces and others prefer a bear back.

The new generations love to be unique, so you may decide on a colour for their dress and keep it through the entire wedding theme, a few choose trousers or a short cut dress. If the shop doesn’t offer the right design, brides can select a seamstress to make a tailored dress for their big day.

Therefore the choice is infinite which makes it very complicated, the tips you will find below will allow you to live the best gown fitting day without too much stress.


Here are 16 tips on how to start the research

1- Set a budget, this will give you the idea of what you can afford

2- Search for ideas, you may like considering your height, your body shape and the mood of your wedding day

3-Shop early as wedding dresses might need over 6 months to be made

4-Even if you plan to lose weight, order it in your current size, you will have time to inform the shop that you have lost weight and you will do a few fittings before the wedding in any case

5-The theme of your wedding day is very important for the choice of the wedding gown, you don’t want a ballgown for a beach wedding or a garden party look for a winter theme day as you don’t want your dress to clash on the wedding style.

6-Don’t forget to add the veil, the underwear, the shoes and any other accessories and any tailoring fee for the dress to your final budget, so ask the shop for the extra costs.

7- Ask friends, family members or your wedding planner (if you have one), for referrals on the bridal shop, don’t waste your time and try to find the right one which will give you the best choice and service

8- Call the shop before hand for an appointment and ask for the designer they carry if you already know what you are looking for or ask if they have that original gown you want (such as colour, trousers, short cut or mid-length dresses or any other uncommon details you want), don’t waste your time nor theirs.

9- Before you go to try gowns, think of a few adjectives to describe what you want, classical, vintage, 50’s, tight fit, princess style, A-shape, or describe the mood you want for the big day. You may want to take pictures of what you like to the appointment.

10- On the day of the appointment, don’t take too many people with you as they may all have different taste and ideas and they might confuse you on the dress to pick. The maximum number could be 5 people.

11- Wear the right underwear to try the gowns, these should be nude colour and seamless or thongs and a strapless bra or with transparent braces. Also, take a pair of shoes with a similar heel like the ones you will choose, this will help you have a feeling of the final look, or ask the shop if they can make you use one of theirs.

12- Do keep in mind that the shape of the dress needs to flatter you as much as possible, so be open-minded with the consultant as she knows how to exalt your body in the right places.

13- The fabric is also important, it can be light-weight and have a flowing look or be heavier for a rigid fitting. Do consider if it is comfortable for your needs, you need to be able to sit, walk and maybe dance in it.

14- Don’t try gowns that are above your budget as you may fall in love with it and hate any other gown.

15- If you have a family veil or jewellery you want to wear on your wedding day, take it to the appointment so that you can see the overall look

16- Consider the season of your wedding whether it is a summer celebration or a winter one. This will also help you choose the right style, the fabric and the perfect accessories


Ph: Giulia Corinti

Gown designer: Elisa Leclé Studio

Model: Medjana Cupi

Hairstylist: Tullia Cutini Parrucchieri

Makeup: Centro Estetico Eco Estetique

Location: Agriturismo Borgo Pulciano




Wedding flowers and decorations make the difference

Here comes the fun part of your wedding planning, flowers and decorations.

These elements set the entire mood and style of the wedding and you have an infinity of options. Styles vary from modern, contemporary, classical, romantic, shaby chic, boho, victorian and much more. This is the time to be creative, try not to copy from what you see online but love a style and a colour and make it yours in a unique way!

Get a good flower designer

Find a good flower designer, give her/him tips on your inspiration but ask for something one of a kind. If she/he is artistic, they will have lots of fun creating incredible combinations. Make sure they have the right theme and colours. It is important to comunicate the right shade of pink or the ideal fogliage you might want so that you will use it throughout the entire wedding. The celebration site,  your bouquet,  the flowers for the service to the dinning tables need to have a fils rouge.

When you think of flowers for the service, depending on what kind of place it is you may want to keep it simple. A church full of beautiful afrescos won’t need many flowers, but a simple church can have flower arches, candles or baskets to give it the right mood. In case your service is at the location, you can have the flower designer create an arch over the table for the civil or symbolic ceremony.

The same flowers and colours will be used for the tables and any other decorations at your location. The amount of decorations, such as candle holders or chandeliers will depend on your budget. The same for the flowers, you can create flower walls to hide corners, flowers by the wedding cake table with candles, a flower photo booth or any kind of scenery you want, but don’t forget your budget as it is easy to go overboard.




The right budget for your flowers and for the decorations

This is why you may want to have two separate budgets, one for the flowers and one for the decorations. If you want a lot of props you or your planner will need to hire them or even create them so that will mean extra expensises. You need to be realistic with your budget and create your ideal event with it. In case you have a wedding planner, it will be the planner’s responsability to explain what can be done with your budget.

You may also see that the location you decided to rent has too many items you don’t want, such as chairs or that they need to clean the curtains or the carpets. Make sure you ask them to empty the room and wash anything that needs cleaning. You may also ask if you can replace them for the time of the wedding, but organize someone to take them home after the party as you will probably be thinking of leaving on your honeymoon. In case you hire a wedding planner, she will be organizing most of the decorations and all of the clearing up.



Don’t mix styles and colours, stay true to your main theme

Do keep in mind the theme of your wedding and try to keep it for the entire event. Starting from your wedding dress, the cut and colour are fundamental for the bouquet too, as it will have the colours and style to match the gown and the overall theme. The bouquet is a special aspect for brides and there are many solutions to be original. The right choice will also depend on the physiognomy , the wedding dress and the hair colour, but we will talk about it in a dedicated post about which bouquet to choose.

If you want help for your destination wedding please contact E.P. Unforgettable Events


What is HoMI

HoMI is one of the biggest design trade fair in Milan which takes place twice a year, where style and lifestyle are featured.

Furniture, fashion, jewellery, innovation for the home, are the featured during the trade fair,  most of it made in Italy.

Clients come from around the world to seek novelties and to meet professionals, ready to do business.

Why should wedding planners go to trade shows

EP Unforgettable Events was there to have a sneak peek to all the new trends as these can be transferred to the wedding industry and the style our couples are searching for.

It is very important for wedding planners to be updated on the trends so that they can be inspired for new designs for the couple-to-be. Therefore, other than keeping updated through business courses, it is fundamental to be interested in the trend’s novelties.

At HoMI, we found many interesting artisans and vendors from around the globe who exposed their many unique products.

It was amazing to see so many artisans in the concept areas of the fair “HoMI SPERIMENTA”, in each pavilion, divided into different themes, artisans from around Italy showed their incredible designs, from jewellery to objects for the home, ecological novelties but also cooking and beauty products.



How does design and fashion influence our weddings?

Many of these producers have been of great inspiration and has shown how the announced trends for the wedding industry for 2019, reflect the general trends for the home and in fashion.

Lots of colours but also earthy and wabi-sabi style which will be top styles during the next few years. Earthy design are combination of natural earthy colours combined with natural looking objects such as stones, wood, soil, charcoal therefore greys, browns, whites, black in all of the tones and shades.

Wabi Sabi  is: “In traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. It is a concept derived from the Buddhist teaching of the three marks of existence, specifically impermanence , sufferingand emptiness or absence of self-nature. Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.” Wikipedia

The maine colours will go from Living Coral as Pantone has announced as colour of the year 2019 but also yellows, oranges and a combination of overall bright colours.


                                                                                                                                            Image from Marie France Asia


Do you want exquisite Italian food on your wedding day?

EP Unforgettable Events is based in Italy and as you may already know, Italians take their food very seriously. Food is one of the most important issues on an everyday basis, so just imagine how important it is when one celebrates a unique event such as a wedding!

The meal during any celebration becomes a fundamental moment for all the guests as they relax and want a fun time with friends and family. Good food and good company are the ideal ingredients for a perfect wedding. If you are deciding on a destination for your unforgettable day, trust me, Italy is the place to do it.


What to ask your caterer for your wedding

We all know that food satisfies all the senses of human beings, so a good dish needs to be tasty, smell good, it has to be well presented and it has to have a perfect consistency this is how we get gratified by it.

This is why you need to consider the professionality of the caterer and the service from the kitchen to the table. You want your guests to leave full and happy.

You will need to ask many questions to the caterer about the quality of the food, how you will decide on the menu with the best combinations of wine and which kind of service you might want. Of course, prices vary according to the number of dishes, the number of guests, the type of service (buffet or table service) and the quality of the wine.



What to expect from your chef for your wedding

In the past few years, many aspects have changed in Italy. In the past, people used to banquet for hours with an infinity of dishes which made it impossible for the guests to eat all of the food, this made weddings never-ending celebrations. But in the past few years, there has been great change, young couples prefer fewer dishes aiming for better quality, tradition and local ingredients. Most chefs, now prepare their dishes with the season in mind so that they can deliver top quality food. The aim is to have the freshest and as local as possible ingredients.

You may decide for a simple menu or something more traditional or trendy and complex, any which way is fine as long as it suits your personality and your taste. This is why you need to consider the menu by tasting all the dishes you will ask your chef to prepare. You need to ask questions and you need to make sure it is what you desire.

As you know, Italy has amazing wine from north to south you have an incredible selection, so ask the chef for advice in case there is no sommelier, or consult with a local sommelier when you decide on the menu.


Never forget to inform the chef of any special needs or allergies

Don’t forget to inform the caterer of any guests with allergies or food intolerance so that he/she can prepare a specific menu for them. You will also have to previously inform the maitre where your guest is seated so that they will serve its special menu directly, you don’t want to start running around the location to find the chef at the last minute nor do you want to take care of your guest with a dish in your hand, your wedding day needs to be a fun moment for you. In case you have a wedding planner, this information needs to be clear previously and she/he will make sure your guest will get what they need.

For more information about weddings in Italy contact EP Unforgettable Events 

Photo by Andrea Mortini Photographer