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While I was in London, I attended a great event and wedding flower design course at Academy of Flowers Covent Garden. I think it was an important course to take despite the fact that I do not intend to become a floral designer.


yellow and purple flower creation


Why did I attend a flower design course?

The main reason why I decided to attend was to get an idea of what flower design is all about. I do believe that professionals should learn as much as they can especially in the wedding and event planning field.

Wedding planners deal with a great number of suppliers, it doesn’t mean that they need to know how to do all of those jobs, but it is good to acquire as much knowledge as possible. I personally did ask myself if I was capable of doing flower design as I had never done it before.


(A festive and colourful garland made of mosse, fogliage and flowers, for a perfect arch)


What did I do at the flower design course?

This course was amazing, it lasted 4 days and we were immediately pushed to create wonderful event florals. Each day, we were explained what we were supposed to create and we had the same flowers and the same theme.

The amazing thing as that we all created different florals despite us having the same theme and the same flowers.

The course also included some business plan and marketing knowledge and a visit to the New Covent Garden Flower Market. The visit was incredible, I saw amazing flowers I had never seen and an incredible quantity of unusual greens for the floral designs.

flowers at covent garden flower market

What did I learn from the flower design course?

This flower design course, made me understand how difficult it is to deal with flowers. Florists, need to take great care of their product and as it is extremely fresh and they can dye quickly, it is important to know how to treat them so that they stay fresh for the events.

The course also made me realize how different a floral design can be depending on the florist. Off course, any florist can copy a design from a picture but if he/she is an artist they might have a different idea even if they use the same material.

Overall, I have discovered that I have an artistic side and that some challenges can open ones eyes. I did find out that I have my own style. Yet, I do need to practice, which I will with my own floral designs as home.


event flower design for a charity


How should couples communicate with their florist?

The floral design course at the Academy of Flowers Covent Garden has given me a better understanding of the profession. One thing that is clear, is that couples need to understand what they want for their wedding. Not only the style but also the specific colour palette.

When a couple asks for pink flowers, it is far too vague as there is an infinite number of shades of pink. The style can be modern, contemporary, boho, elegant, romantic and many more. You also need to know if you want a tall design or a low one, do you want flowers in oasis or in water, do you want local flowers or tropical ones. The choices are incredible, therefore you need to choose a knowledgeable flower designer who will satisfy all of your needs.

If you have a wedding planner, she/he will have many contacts for you to choose from. You will need to check their portfolio online and you will see their work, this will give you an understanding of what they do.

You will make your choice on the florist designer just you will with the photographer, as I wrote in this post.




Photography represents the memory of your event. This is why you need to choose the right wedding photographer who will deliver the best memory for you. To do so, you need to start thinking about what kind of photography you like. If you have a wedding planner, she/he will suggest different professionals so that you can choose the right one. If you don’t have a wedding planner, you will have to search for one in your area.



What photo style do you prefer for your wedding?

All photographers have their own approach to weddings and their own artistic style. Some are old fashioned and like pose photography, in this case, the couple needs to keep in mind that they will need extra time between the service and the celebration for good pictures. It could be during the sunset and they may need a different site with a nice view for the photos.

One of the trendy styles at the moment is called photo reportage, the photographer is free to shoot images during the wedding without getting all the guests to pose with the couple, he prefers natural shots of people smiling, a shot of your hands or the tears of your grandmother.

You can also find artistic wedding photographers, they will capture moments during specific times during the celebration, he/she might see an unusual spot where to take pictures, maybe in black and white.

Some photographers still like to use photoshop and may create unusual post-production style. They might add sequins on the wedding gown, or add a touch of colour on a B/W shot, maybe on the flowers during the post production. Personally, I don’t like these pictures as I find them old fashioned.

These are only a few of the many options you may find, you will have to view their portfolio, maybe online and talk to them so that both of you understand what you want and see if you like each other, this is fundamental for both parties to get the best results.


What to ask the wedding photographer

Other than the style of wedding photography and how he shoots weddings. You need to ask in what format you will get the pictures, you might want a formal leather album or an alternative fun version, or you may prefer them on a cd or a USB slot (although it is a pity not to print the pictures of your wedding). Some photographers might print one on canvas to hang on your wall or they will suggest a glass box where you can keep your loose photos on your coffee table. There are so many original opportunities that you will have to search the right solution according to your own personal taste. In Italy, couples often get a mini album for the mothers of the couple as they love to show their children’s wedding day.


Get to know your photographer

It is important to know your photographer and let him/her know you before your wedding day. So you might also ask for an engagement shooting, prior to the wedding, this will give you the opportunity to test his/her services and make sure you like the style and you have a good relationship. If you don’t like his/her ways or you are unhappy for some reason, it will show in your pictures, and you will not like the final results. This will happen even if you have a good make-up artist.


Where to search for the photographer

As I said, wedding photographers deliver long-lasting memories, these images will be kept for years and they will be shown to the future generations. So you should find the one you love the most. Nowadays, with the internet and social media, it is easy to fall in love with the style of a photographer. Many travel for wedding shootings as it seems that there aren’t any bounderies.

In case you decide for a photographer far away from where you will have your wedding, you will have to add the cost of travel, living, food expences to his/her usual rate.

Another good place to find a photographer is at wedding shows.


The same rules apply to videomakers

These tips are also valid for the video maker, in this case, there are many solutions for the post-production. Some of them will deliver a long version video and a short one, this version is a short clip with the most important moments of your celebration, it is ideal to post online and as a post-wedding gift to your family and close friends. We will talk about videomakers in a future post.



Photographer featured: Giulia Corinti

Videographer featured: Italian Wedding videographers

Today I am introducing you to my good friend Letizia Mattiacci, who is the owner of Alla Madonna del Piatto, a beautiful agriturismo on the hills overlooking  Assisi, in Umbria.

I believe that the stunning view from her agriturismo is simply amazing and would be the perfect setting for your rustic elopement.



Letizia is a perfect host who will assist you during your stay. She has great knowledge of the local territory and will indicate the most incredible things to visit while you’re staying there and most of all she is famous for her cooking classes. You can find some of her best recipes on in her book (in English) “A kitchen with a view”.


Hello Letizia tell us about Alla Madonna del Piatto. What is special at your agriturismo?

Alla Madonna del Piatto is an agriturismo, meaning a working farm where guests can stay and have a true experience of Italian family life and of the Italian countryside.

We have 400 olive trees and we produce a wonderful, fragrant olive oil which is appreciated by all our guests. We like to say that our agriturismo is comfortably green.

We produce electricity and heat water with the sun and wood from our own land.

We have reduced as much as possible the use of chemicals in the house and we have a policy of no pesticides outside.

Our home is decorated with vintage furniture and handwoven textiles for comfort and rustic ambience. And last, but not least, our home is spectacularly located in the Umbrian hills with sweeping views of the countryside and of Unesco Heritage site Assisi.




What can your guests expect when they come and stay with you?

We take care of our guests as we would of friends while respecting their privacy. We make sure to help them to plan their trip in every detail
and to introduce them to the culture and traditions of the area. Guests can expect a simple, but comfortable accommodation with breathtaking views and lots of outdoor space to enjoy nature.


What can your guests do while they are hosted at Alla Madonna del Piatto?

We offer hands-on cooking classes. Our cooking school has been regularly mentioned on the international press since 2003 and listed by National Geographic among the top 500 places where to eat around the world. We also offer a free travel planning service for those who wish to enjoy the many sites and activities available in Umbria like wine, cheese, chocolate and beer tasting, visiting farms and olive oil mills, arti-walks and visits of artisan workshops.


(Letizia with her guests during a cooking class and her book “A kitchen with a view” – You may contact her if you want a copy of her book)


Why do you think that a couple would love to have their elopement at Alla Madonna del Piatto?

Because there is nothing more romantic than a summer night in the Italian countryside with the moon glowing over the hills and the fireflies dancing in the fields all around you.



While I was in London last week, I managed to visit the Un-Wedding Show in London. It was the second bridal show in a row as I had been to The National Wedding Show the previous day. These shows are important to attend to get a better understanding of the trends and to find new suppliers.

I sincerely didn’t know what I was going to see there. I had been following their page on Instagram so I knew that it was going to be something different but I wasn’t sure how different.


What did I know about the Un-Wedding Show?

The website only stated that it was “a selection of the coolest independent wedding suppliers.

THE UN-WEDDING SHOW is the first and last stop on your wedding planning journey! If you are a modern bride to be who doesn’t feel represented by what the traditional wedding industry has to offer then this is for you! Come along with your #bridesquad and enjoy a wondrous day out in super-cool surroundings. Take advantage of the EXCLUSIVE OFFERS when you book as a result of THE UN-WEDDING SHOW.”

The Un-Wedding Show at Core Clapton

When I arrived at Core Clapton for The un-wedding show, I immediately realized that it was going to be a fun experience. I entered the entrance way to find funky bright pink neons showing my way up the stairs. Two smiling men at the entrance explained to me where to go while checking my ticket. I went up the staircase and I could only see bright colours and happy faces around me. I was so curious to see everything in great detail that I was overwhelmed by it all.


My personal experience

I started by having a good walk around the venue and I couldn’t stop smiling as everything was so amazing. Great suppliers were showcasing their amazing products full of colours and unusual styles. Personalized jackets for brides-to-be, hand painted booties, amazing cake designs, colourful cocktails and unique handmade garlands. I had to go around the venue a couple of times, soaking in all the great ideas. I took many pictures too. On my last tour of the venue, I stopped and started talking to many of the wonderful designers. I will talk to you about a few of them in later posts.



A lesson from the Un-Wedding Show

One of the things that I learned during my visit to The un-wedding show in London, is that one can be un-common without looking tacky. There are so many wonderful creators out there, ready to work hand in hand with the many couples who really want something unusual and who want to have a lovely wedding, yet looking different than what you see on the many websites and magazines out there.

Who says that you cannot add some tradition and be different. Why not wear a personalised hand painted blue jacket over your gown for something blue or why not create fun settings with hand made garland which can be colourful, shiny or made with pompoms.

We are the ones who give ourselves rules for our ceremonies, in reality, there are none. This is why I loved their moto “make new traditions”, I found it very inspiring.


E.P. Unforgettable Events likes Un-common weddings

After the lovely morning at the un-wedding show, I stopped at the caffé and had a marvellous vegetarian mixed salad. (It was delicious!)

While I was eating, I could see so many happy faces of people who were talking about the show and were deciding what they liked the most. It made me think how sad it is not to have a The un-wedding show here in Italy. But maybe traditions are still too strong and entire families are involved in wedding organizations here.

I do think that being un-common is the key to what I aspire for when I organize a wedding. I will never repeat myself in my designs as I believe that couples deserve something personal and unique when they get married.

If you do get a chance to visit the future edition of The Un-Wedding Show, my suggestion is go, you might be happily surprised.


A few of the designers featured are:

Jacket and shoes Bird & Bone Designs

Cakes Malarkey cakes 

Venue Core Clapton

Neons Vowedandamazed 

Garland Boho Temple



The wedding cake is one of the most awaited moments of the celebration, when all the guests gather around the couple, have a toast together and enjoy a lovely dessert. But I want to talk to you about a particular cake, the croquembouche, which is a typical French wedding cake.


What is a croquembouche wedding cake?

The croquembouche cake is a typical French wedding cake which has never lost its charm over the years. It is a big size cake mounted as a pyramid as it is a majestic and impressive style of cake but you can also find different versions of it nowadays.

It is considered as being a piece of art and the pastry chef takes care in assembling it. This particular cake is not only seen in France but you can find it in many countries, as it is a classic choice. If you have a professional baker, who might have learned in France or who has worked with a French patissier, then you know that he/she can make it.



How do you make a croquembouche wedding cake?

The croquembouche wedding cake,  is made of many small choux,  filled with vanilla mousse or vanilla cream which has then been covered by caramel and nougatine.  The caramel allows the little balls to be mounted on one another and once they dry they hold as though they were glued together.

In the past few years, a modern version of it has been created with macarons in various colours instead of the choux. But the wonderful choux filled with delicious vanilla mousse make it a very delicate and tasty version.

The history of the French croquembouche  wedding cake

The history of this cake comes from the Greek tradition, as they used to break pieces of bread on the couples heads, as it was a sign of happiness and fertility. During medieval times big pieces of bread were exchanged with smaller ones and they were supposed to create a pyramid with these small  bread balls.

This is where the tradition of the pyramid comes from. Time went by and the bread balls were iced, then a patissier in the XIX century created a pyramid with fruit and caramel and called it croquembouche.

The evolution brought us to know the lovely choux filled with vanilla know followed by the more modern versions with different flavoured fillings.

If you decide on getting a croquembouche for your wedding you must count about 3 to 4 choux per person and make sure to have an expert patissier as it can be a tricky cake to make. You must also decide what kind of structure you want as you can be very creative and have different creations, not only pyramids.

As I always say, be creative and be uncommon even if you choose a classic cake.


This post might interest you: Italy is an ideal wedding destination for its food



I have been at The National Wedding Show at Olympia in London. This was my second visit at the show, last time was last autumn.

This time around, the wedding show was smaller and was located at a different part of the exhibition center.

What is The National Wedding Show in London?

The National Wedding Show in London, is the biggest dedicated show in the UK, as it has different dates in different locations in the country, it is easy for most couples to attend.

Despite its smaller size compared to the autumn one, the event was very interesting to understand the latest trends and to listen to talks about the wedding industry. The show was good for brides and grooms to get some knowledge about how to organize their celebration and meet many vendors.

The best place to find the perfect vendors for your Unforgettable wedding. From prosecco pods, to wedding gowns and accessories, makeup and much more.


Meeting professionals

Two areas were dedicated to professionals. Couples could attend conferences by wedding planners on how to budget your wedding by Bernadette Chapman, from UKAWP. How to have a stress free wedding planning, by Caroline from The Wedding Planners but also how to create the best makeup or the latest hairstyles for your spacial day. These talks were definitely popular as brides-to-be rushed to listen to the great suggestions.


(Bernadette Chapman from UKAWP)


Creative workshops

You could find workshops at the event, these were absolutely a must to do during The National Wedding Show. I had missed them on my last visit last autumn but I made a point to attend at least one, which I did. I loved the calligraphy lesson by Lauren Cooper from Oh Wonder calligraphy and stationery.

The lesson actually made me want to start practicing this art, mainly because I found it very relaxing and despite I am a beginner, the result wasn’t too bad.


The cat walk and gown fitting

The absolute peak during the show, was the fashion show where VIP attendants had front seats but all could view it even from a distance. The fashion show was rich of elegant men’s wear and lush gowns.

I would also say that for the brides-to-be, another great moment was the opportunity to try weddings gowns with all the fashion vendors. So many young ladies tried infinite styles and listened to the expert advice of the vendors. Smiles were on everybody’s faces. Do go organized to experience the ideal fitting, even at a trade show, as you can read here.



E.P.Unforgettable Events’ suggestions

I do suggest that you attend a few of these  wedding shows, such as The national Wedding Show. The ideal time is,  before you start your wedding organization as they can give you ideas and most of all vendors will give you insights on their services and their prices. The cost of weddings can be small or big but you need to budget it as much as possible so that you don’t exceed on spending more than you can. The main focus on your wedding must be the finances. In case you have a wedding planner, she/he will help you keep it under control but you will still be the one to take the final decisions.