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Are you getting married in the near future and you are wondering which are the possible trends for the next years? 2019 will have many new wedding trends.



Other than Living Coral Pantone colour, which is the colour of the year picked by Pantone as I wrote here.

2019 will be rich of novelties with wabi-sabi look. There will be a revival of metallic brass and silver. Also pink will also continue throughout 2019, but another novelty will be earthern luxury style and bright colours due to Living Coral.


From Danish Hoger  to Wabi Sabi Trend

After a few years of Danish Hoger trend for weddings, a simple style with lots of candles, green foliage and artisan woodwork. This look gives a sense of homeliness and a sense of warmth and cosiness.

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic which is the acceptance of imperfection, impermanent and incomplete. Its aesthetic include asymmetry, economy, simplicity, modesty, roughness and the appreciation of natural objects.

On one hand “Wabi”, which is the concept of living together with nature using what it gives us and on the other hand “Sabi” which refers to time which flows slowly and the acceptance that things evolve appreciating its imperfections.

The two combined invites us to find an internal harmony, accepting imperfection and time which slowly flows.

Therefore wabi-sabi is finding beauty in imperfection.


wabi sabit kitchen style



Metallics are back in 2019

After a few years of copper in weddings, which will still be trendy,  we will now start seeing a lot more brass and silver metallic. These metallic have been seen in wedding gown’s collections for the new season. You can add them to your table decor, candlesticks, vases, cutlery and any other other details you might like. Finally, the industrial look is back, combined with black and white features, as seen on the catwalk on wedding dresses. Metal and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and very little linen.


bridal shoes

Earthern lux

Another new trend is earthern luxury, not only for interior design but also in wedding style.

Earthern style id the return to nature, this means a lot of wood, rattan, cotton, linen, and other natural elements. Therefore natural and organic fabric and colours such as cotton, linen but also texture, tassels and fringing are the way to go. The important thing is to include natural features and colours such as earthy tones and natural woods, stone greys, cream and greens.

It has to give a sense of wellbeing, with natural flower colour schemes which blend in with the boho chic weddings. This includes low and long flower compositions on tables rather than heigh and tall ones.


wedding mood board


Bright colours

If you love bright colours you are in for a great year, full of vibrant orange, pink, yellow and purple instead of the soft, pale and neutral champagne, lilac and peach colours we have seen in the past few years. So do add the colourful details to your weddings with flowers, men’s ties and socks, bridesmaid dresses or colourful backdrop for the photo shooting area. Of course Living Coral is a major colour for this year so you can mix it with light pinks, cream colours, or yellows.


wedding table setting


As you can see, there are many novelties for 2019. So if you like being trendy, keep all of these tips in mind when you start deciding your style and theme for your unforgettable day!

And remember that EP Unforgettable Events is available to help you with your wedding here.


Last photo by Giulia Corinti – styled by E.P UNforgettable Events – Flower design by Botanica Laboratorio Floreale 


10 tips for your destination wedding location


10 tips to help you choose your destination wedding for 2019 and 2020. As a destination wedding planner, I already talked about destination weddings here and we explained reasons on why to celebrate your wedding in Italy.



couple kissing in sunset - ep unforgettable events


1- The first thing you need to decide is where to celebrate your wedding. This decision isn’t an easy one as there are many incredible countries. You may decide to go to a place you haven’t been before or a country you have been dreaming of visiting as a couple.

You must also think about the guests you will invite as you want to make them happy too, so choose a convenient place especially if you have disabled guests, older family members or friends with small children.


2-Decide if you want a major city, a seaside place, a countryside feeling or a mountain celebration. You must keep in mind the season of your wedding too for the weather conditions you may find on your wedding day.


villa valentini bonaparte umbria - ep unforgettable events



3-Once you have thought of the country, you will need to start doing some research on the part of that country you wish to go to. This is definitely more difficult especially if you have never been there. So keep in mind tip 2 and from there start researching places in the country you have chosen.


4- While choosing the destination for your wedding, start thinking of the mood, the theme and the colours you wish to have. If you wish to have a relaxed countryside feeling then you can eliminate major cities and seaside areas.


5- Think of your guests as they will have to pay for their trip, so make sure it isn’t too far out for them, that the destination is adequate to their needs too as you don’t want them to participate and feel unhappy. If the destination is far away, take into consideration an extra day due to the time difference and jet lag.


6-If the destination is far away, if they speak a different language or if you have never been there before, you may consider booking a destination wedding planner. This will make life easier and less stressful especially if she is based in the country you have chosen. It will be easier to coordinate the vendors and make arrangements for your guests.


7-Don’t forget to think of the food specialities you can find in that country, make it easy on yourself and for your beloved guests. Some countries are absolutely safe and can offer wonderful food throughout your weekend abroad. Needless to say, Italy is one of those countries where you get incredible food with unique local specialities in each region and town.


wedding cakes - ep unforgettable events


8-Now that you have the destination in your mind and maybe a wedding planner to help you, think of the type of venue you may like. This is important as you may decide to have the celebration and the dinner at the same venue. You may also have your guests sleep there too or there may be a close-by hotel for them to book. If everyone stays at the same place, it makes it easier (and cheaper) as you won’t need to organise transport for them. This would make it easier for your guests.


9- Make sure the venue you have decided on has all the services you may need. Always keep in mind a plan B in case of bad weather, you want to be as happy as possible and keep your guests comfortable.


10-As your guests will stay at the location for two/three day or more, search for fun experiences for them to do, wine tasting, a cooking class, an excursion, a Spa experience or a special cultural tour. This will make your wedding unique and unforgettable, but make sure you let them know in case they need any kind of special equipment such as trekking shoes, sports gear, bathing suits etc


If you wish to marry in Italy feel free to contact me at or here


sunset on lake trasimeno - EP Unforgettable Events

wedding workshop banner


Who organised the destination wedding planner workshop?

While I was in London last month, I had the great pleasure to attend the UKAWP destination wedding workshop. The destination wedding workshop was held by Elisabetta Cirulli, her company Elisabetta White Events is a well-known international wedding planner company based in London.

“Elisabetta specialises in intimate destination weddings and elopements in Italy, Egypt and beyond, and is well recognised as the go-to person for her knowledge of the Italian wedding market, providing support and ad-hoc assistance to fellow colleagues getting into destination weddings.”

The UKAWP is an English wedding planner association that helps the industry be more professional, this is why it organises many workshops for the wedding planners and for those who want to start this business.


destination wedding planner workshop


Why did I attend the destination wedding planner workshop?

The reason why I attended the UKAWP destination wedding planner workshop, is that I wanted to learn something new. I wanted to have the perspective of wedding planners from abroad who have the same career but have different views on the profession. I believe that collaboration, sharing one’s knowledge and learning is the key to a successful business.

Many people think that it is easy to be a destination wedding planner and that it is all very glam. But the reality is that we are all owners of a business and our professionality is the key to make it work. This is why I attended the course and why most of the other attendees were there, not only new planners but also experts in their fields who want to expand their business abroad.


me at wedding planner workshop


What did I learn during the UKAWP destination wedding planner workshop?

Elisabetta’s expertise in planning destination weddings was clear and her honesty made it clear that it isn’t an easy job. But what I learned from her during the workshop is that nothing is impossible.

She managed to give us incredible tips and suggestions to improve ourselves as wedding planners and to be more professional. She emphasised on being detailed and to create good relationships with our suppliers as they are the key to a successful wedding. She also encouraged us to do good research at the destinations as some countries aren’t always easy to deal with but if you do your research well, you can create amazing events even in challenging countries.

I am thankful for this workshop as I know that I will be a better professional thanks to her honesty and great experience in the international wedding planner market.

The workshop has also been positive as I met lovely colleagues and that I will be collaborating in future projects with a planner coming to Italy as she is expanding her business. I firmly believe that networking and collaborating with other planners is the key to be successful and to learn. You cannot stop learning, this is why I invest a lot of my time, energy and money in workshops and Masterclasses.

I know that this will allow me to deliver the best events for my clients. Each one of them wants something new and different. This is the main reason why couples have a wedding planner for their wedding day.

“Your vision, your event, your way”

destination wedding workshop

destination wedding workshop


Also read about other workshops I attended here and here 


Have you ever thought of having an ecological wedding?

Read the 9 areas of your wedding where you can be more ecological.

Most couples don’t think about the environment when it comes to their wedding.  The environment cannot be ignored so try to think out of the box and create a wonderful event without forgetting about being ecological while organizing your wedding day, below, you will find many things you can do to help the environment. It is a pity to ignore such important issues, even if you are planning a destination wedding, you can be ecological and it could be a great idea as your main theme. Here are 9 ideas for your ecological wedding.



The first thing to think about is where you want to get married if you decide on a local wedding it is easier but don’t exclude a destination weddings, as it can be ecological. The first thing to have is a location for both the service and the celebration. This way, you can avoid transportation from one venue to the other. If your wedding is away from home get busses to transport your guests from the station/airport to the venue. You can even choose a location with rooms for all your guests or find a close by hotel or B&B. In this case,  you will get mini buses for their transportation from accommodation to the venue.



As I wrote above, decide on a unique location for the service and the celebrations, find a place with a nice garden. The garden should be big enough for all your guests to have plenty of space (internal and outdoors) to walk around, dance and have an overall good time. If there are babies, ask if the location can provide a quite space for them to sleep and get changed, this will make it easier on the parents who will want to have a fun and stress-free day.


A couple holding hands in a weat field


The couple could rent their wedding outfit, or buy them second hand, many people sell their wedding gown and suit online after their wedding. A wedding dress could be borrowed or restyled even if it comes from a family member. In case you cannot resist buying a new one, think of selling it after the wedding for another couple, this way the dress won’t be worn only once. You may even choose natural fabrics and get a tailored made gown. If you decided on a simpler model or a suit, then it will be easier to wear it again many times. The same can be done for bridesmaids or groomsmen.



Food is important and couples always want the best on their day. Try to get the caterer to use local and in season food, this way you will promote local businesses and the food won’t have flown half-way around the world. The trend in Italy has been to promote its local specialities, not only food but also wine, as it has such a vast choice, the same can be done in most places worldwide. Find a cake maker who will make an organic wedding cake with local ingredients. Avoid bottled water and ask for jugs of tap water instead, the same can be done with the wine to reduce waste, find a local producer who will sell it in bulk and use jugs to serve it.



Flowers can be sourced locally or be original and decorate your location with local plants such as fresh herbs and trees. You can get your floral designer to make table decorations with local in-season vegetables and fruit such as lemons, pumpkins, pinecones etc. Also, use vases instead of oasis for the flower decor as oasis won’t biodegrade. Get your guests to launch dried petals or biodegradable confetti after the service. Us soy or beeswax candles on the tables. Simple decorations can be very elegant and will cost less.


Natural table setting



Search for wildlife-friendly favours for your wedding guests, such as seeds of wildflowers, or maybe something useful or from fairtrade shops or even donate to charity and give an explanation card to your guests they will appreciate it.



The rings can be second hand, from fairtrade production or from ethical jewellers.  You don’t have to buy gold and diamonds but you can search for a local artisan who can make a unique ring with semi-precious stones or with a unique and personalised design.


wedding rings- EP Unforgettable Events


Invitations, menus, place cards and any other stationery necessary can be done on recycled paper, you could get it printed with natural colours or find an artisan to produce them turning them into art and something to cherish. I have seen invitations with seeds inside so that your guests can plant them. There are many ecological solutions you can choose from.


Wedding confetti cone and fan by Fragola Lilla


Avoid anything that has lots of packaging, fireworks, lanterns as the metal part ends up in the middle of the fields, (Unless you find the 100% biodegradable ones) and avoid plastic straws in your cocktails.

These 9 ideas for your ecological wedding can be implemented according to your personal needs.

EP Unforgettable Events can organize a top quality celebration in Italy, keeping in mind all of your ecological needs. Of course, I would love to organize an eco-friendly wedding.

Feel free contact us here


Invitation and fan by Fragola Lilla 

Picture of rings by @redaquamedia

Picture of natural table setting by @anniespratt


We all want to look great on our wedding day so if you just got engaged, congratulations! DO you want to look like a goddess then take a look at the next steps to take. Before you start, read this post about The perfect look for your wedding day.

The next 7 steps will explain to you how to look amazing on your wedding day.


Image of make-up for a banner



If you are a big overweight start a diet, if you cannot afford a professional dietician start by eliminating fat, sugar, reduce salt and meat and dairy. Add lots of vegetables, fruit, legumes and eat whole foods such as brown rice, spelt, brown bread, wholegrain sugarless cereal and maybe start juicing. Find healthy recipes online, if you don’t have time to cook, try to prepare in bulk so that you always have something ready in your fridge. Most of all drink a lot of water.



Go to the gym as often as you can, if you can’t afford it, then go for a walk every day or start doing half hour gym, there are many programs and videos online that can help you, you may also alternate them with yoga which will help you relax before the big day. Also try the plank challenge or other challenges you can find it online.


bride with elegant hair style


Start going a few months before your wedding to the beautician, get a couple of facials, you want your skin to glow, decide whether you want to do a few sessions of sunbeds to have a tan, get professional manicure and pedicure done before your final one so that your nails look as perfect as possible. Don’t forget to get a wax a few days prior to the wedding day.



Talk to your hairdresser and decide on how you want your hair for the celebration, get the colour right and the haircut prior to the wedding day. Also, I recommend you to try the hairstyle before your wedding day. Be specific with your hair stylist about what you want and ask for advice.


groom with hair stylist




If you have major dental work to do, get it done as soon as possible as you don’t want last minute problems. Remember that you will be smiling all day! We all want perfect pictures and videos on our unforgettable day.

Get your teeth cleaned and maybe whitened.



Eat light the week before, especially the night prior to the celebrations, this will help digest better, it will promote better rest so that you can be as happy as possible on YOUR Day!


Brid's hair style with floral decor


If you suffer from sleepless nights, try getting used to taking natural remedies such as drinking chamomile. Meditation is also great or anything that relaxes you, especially the nights prior to the wedding day.


Picture credits:

Photographer: Giulia Corinti

Hairstylist: Cutini Parrucchieri

Makeup artist: Centro Estetico Eco Esthetique

Hair accessories and gown: Elisa Leclé Studio

Groom suit: Abiti e camicie su misura Perugia

Female Model: Medjana Cupi

Male Model: Giovanni Patiti

Location: Borgo Pulciano

I will start sharing with you my vendor’s story so that you can start knowing them.


Today, I want you to meet Fragola Lilla a creative lab. This company from Trieste is a creative lab who creates event and wedding personalised stationery. The designers started the company in the year 2010, so they have nearly 10 years experience.

As they say, your invitation is the first impression you will give your guests. The invitation will let them know the style and the mood of your wedding day. They are specialized in personalised invitations and stationery, this is why they don’t have a catalogue.


flower design stationary for weddings

Fragola Lilla wedding stationery design

As their website states, even their price is personalised according to your specific needs. They start at 2€ for the simplest model, the price mainly depends on design, paper quality and finishing details.

There are so many options, such as paper quality, different printing styles, and designs, that it is very difficult to have a specific price. This is why Fragola Lilla, is a creative lab. They do a wide variety of designs, from classical to more modern ones.


Wedding confetti cone and fan by Fragola Lilla

Wedding confetti cone and fan by Fragola Lilla

They are so fond of the artisan work that they sent me a sample box last week so that I could see the many products they make.

You can see the content of the parcel from Fragola Lilla in the video linked.