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We already talked about destination weddings here and we explained reasons on why to celebrate your wedding in Italy.

Today, I will give you 10 top tips to choose your wedding destination. Not all locations work for everybody and you want your guests to be happy on your wedding day.



10 top tips to choose your destination wedding location


The first thing you need to decide is where to have your wedding, this isn’t an easy decision as there are many incredible countries. You may decide to go to a place you haven’t been before or a country you have been dreaming of visiting as a couple. You must also think about the guests you will invite as you want to make them happy too. So choose a convenient place especially if you have disabled guests, older age family members or friends with small children.




Decide if you want a major city, a seaside place, a countryside feeling or a mountain celebration. You must keep in mind the season of your wedding too.  The seson changes according to where your wedding takes place and the time of the year..



Once you have thought of the country, you will need to start doing some research on in what part of that country you wish to go to. This is definitely more difficult especially if you have never been there. So keep in mind tip 2 and from there start researching places in the country you have chosen.




While choosing the destination for your wedding, start thinking of the mood, the theme and the colours you wish to have. If you wish to have a relaxed countryside feeling then you can eliminate major cities and seaside areas.



Think of your guests as they will have to pay for their trip, so make sure it isn’t too far out for them. The destination is adequate to their needs too as you don’t want them to participate to your wedding and feel unhappy.



If the destination is far out, if they speak a different language or if you have never been there before, you may consider booking a destination wedding planner. This will make life easier and less stressful for you.  If she/he is based in the country you have chosen, it will be much easier. Vendors coordination and arrangements for your guests may result will be easier.


chef preparing dinner plates


Don’t forget to think of the food specialities you can find in that country. Make it easy on yourself and for your beloved guests. Some countries are absolutely safe and can offer wonderful foods throughout your weekend abroad, needless to say, Italy is one of those countries where you get incredible food with unique local specialities in each region. Check this post about Italy being an ideal wedding destination for its incredible food culture.


chairs in a park for a wedding ceremony


Now that you have the destination in your mind and maybe a wedding planner to help you, think of the type of venue you may like. The venue is important as you may decide to have the celebration and the dinner at the same place. This will eliminate transport for your guests from the celebration place to the dinner venue.  Some venues may have rooms for your guests to sleep there too or there may be a close by hotel for them to book. If everyone stays at the same place, it makes it easier (and cheaper) as you won’t need to organise transport for them to and from the wedding. This would make it easier for your guests.



Make sure the venue you have decided on, has all the services you may need. Always keep in mind a plan B in case of bad weather, you want to be as happy as much as possible and keep your guests comfortable.




As your guests will stay at the location for two/three days or more, search for fun experiences for them to do. Wine tasting, a cooking class, an excursion, a Spa experience or a special cultural tour. This will make your wedding unique and unforgettable. Make sure you let them know in case they need any kind of special equipment such as trekking shoes, sports gear, bathing suits etc


If you want help to plan your wedding, feel free to contact us:


sunset on lake trasimeno - EP Unforgettable Events

In the past few years, Umbria, “ the green heart of Italy”, has been the centre of attention of film directors. Umbria is a natural a movie set, so why not make it your wedding set.


pinterest board for wedding in umbria

This central region of Italy, untouched by the sea, is a real setting for medieval films as its towns and villages are the perfect natural site for these historical movies.
No need for props or fake settings, the film shooting has real-life backgrounds.

Blessed Virgin

One of these villages is Bevagna, where Paul Verhoeven has decided to shoot its latest work “Blessed Virgin” or “Benedetta”, the story of a controversial nun. Other parts of the movie set, took place in the main town of Umbria, Perugia and in Gubbio and in a few areas in Tuscany. The film is set in late medieval time and has, therefore, found its natural setting in the village of Bevagna.

umbria medieval movie setting

The Name of the rose mini-series

Another TV fiction series is the remake of “The name of the rose” based on the novel by Umberto Eco, Montelabate and Perugia have been chosen for this shooting. Matteo Levi, the producer has explained that Perugia has the right medieval atmosphere for the series. You can view the series on Netflix.

Disney mini series

In the past few years, even Disney channel has been shooting a TV series in the village of Bevagna with “Sara e Marti”, a TV series for teenagers.

Luisa Spagnoli mini series

Finally, the TV series, shown on Netflix on the life of the stylist Luisa Spagnoli was shot in Perugia. This great woman entrepreneur created the famous chocolate  Baci Perugina chocolates and her women’s clothing brand. The apparel brand is still run by the family. They dress many incredible women including the Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.



Morgan Freeman in Perugia

last summer, Perugia had the great pleasure to host Morgan Freem for an episode of his show on Netflix “The story of God”.

See a few images from the shooting in Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia


Umbria is a movie set, make it your wedding set

If Umbria has become a top-notch region for movie makers, why not make it the perfect place for your destination wedding. You will enjoy your celebration in incredible untouched medieval settings on lavish hills, overflown by olive groves and vineyards.

Not only can you find beautifully restored farmhouses but also luxurious resorts with Spa or golf courts or sumptuous villas and castles.

There are no limits to the kind of locations you can find. Most of all you will be surrounded by incredible nature and spectacular views.

Your guests will be impressed by the amazing local food and wine as young inspired chefs take great care in using local and in-season produce and transform them into lush dishes.

Any refined palate will experience  amazing 5-star food and wine.


tempietto church in perugia


If you want to marry in Umbria and you want a destination wedding planner, feel free to contact us here

or email us directly at


Are you engaged or about to get engaged? Congratulations!

The first thing all couples start doing is thinking about how to organize your wedding day

But the very first step has to be your budget. The main reason is that without a budget, you cannot decide on what type of wedding you can afford. So here are the top tips on how to create the best budget plan for your unforgettable wedding.


flat lay wedding theme                                                                                                                                                           (Ph. by Giulia Corinti)

How to create the best budget for your wedding day?

Would you redo your bathroom without a budget? Would you organize a holiday without a budget?

The answer is NO. So why do you think that you can organize your wedding without one?

The first thing to figure out is who will pay for your wedding?

Will you have family members to contribute? How much will they give you? How many savings do you have? Can you save some money from now until your wedding day? What can you save on? Can a friend do your make-up or do you have a photographer in your family who can work as a gift on your wedding day? Can you DIY a few things?

These are the first questions you need to answer before you start searching for any suppliers.

Once you know how much money you have for your wedding, you can start organizing it.


wedding hair style with fresh flowers

What are the questions you need to answer how to budget for your wedding?

What is important to you?

  • the venue
  • the number of guests
  • your personal look
  • the general design of your wedding
  • the entertainment
  • the food and drinks
  • the guest experience
  • the photographer and videographer
  • your wedding gown/suit
  • the wedding cake
  • fireworks

Once you have decided on what is important, you know where most of your money will be spent on.


Break your budget into categories

Create a spreadsheet and break your budget into categories, then break it down into detail.

You must consider that your venue and dinner will cost at least 50+% of your budget.

When you start searching for suppliers, ask for prices and add them to your spreadsheet.

When you start seeing the costs, you can start to find ways to drop the costs of things that are less important to you.

Book the big things first, then concentrate on the smaller details.


Be specific on your spreadsheet to break down your budget

Don’t just write flowers but add bridal bouquet, bridesmaid(s) bouquet (s), groom boutonnière, flower girl, number of tables you need flowers on, flowers for the ceremony, flower on the wedding cake and cake table etc

You must be very detailed with all of the categories on your spreadsheet, this way you will see where you can cut expenses if necessary and where you can afford to spend more.




How to drop your wedding costs

Now that you know your budget has been defined, the important features for your wedding are outlined,  you know the cost of your suppliers, you can understand what you can cut back on.

If your ceremony will take place at the same place as the celebration, you can avoid having an expensive car. Ask a friend who has an elegant car to take you there or if you get ready at the same venue you can remove that cost from your spreadsheet.

Cut back on your guest list, are you sure that they are all important to you? If they all are, then you need to cut on other extra expenses.

Can you do some DIY for the decor and the favours? Get a friend to help you with that.

You may also consider to eliminate a few things or to add them if they are important or if your budget enables you to spend more.

Don’t ask for out of season flowers as they will cost extra. Consider in having a less complicated dinner, maybe a buffet and not a sit-down dinner as waiters cost more. Eliminate fireworks and fancy entertainment. Get a simple cake instead of extra details on it add a few fresh flowers, it will still look great and the taste is the most important aspect.

Now that you have all of these tips, you can create the best budget for your wedding without going overboard with your expenses.

Don’t forget contingency

I do suggest you have at least 5-10% extra for contingency as you never know what last minute emergency you may have.


How does a wedding planner cost

As I wrote in this post, you may get help from a wedding planner. As you consider hiring one, keep in mind that the cost will vary between 10-25% on the total budget according to her/his fee. The good thing about a wedding planner is that it’s their job to create the best budget for your wedding, she/he already has many suppliers with various prices to suit the variety of clients, this will make you save a lot of time in research, she/he will tell you where and how you can save some money, finally, she will always keep in mind any kind of plan B and will help in case of last minute emergency.


If you need a wedding planner, please feel free to contact us:






If you have been following us on our social media, you know that Kevin Lee has held a Master class in Umbria together with the photographer Jules Bower.

The Masterclass organized by Daniela Corti of The Italian Wedding Stars, took place at Villa Valentini Bonaparte on the boarder between Umbria and Tuscany.

The Mastercalss with Kevin Lee was an amazing three days course for wedding planners and florists.

Find the videos of the three days event with Kevin Lee and Jules Bower in Umbria on this post.


Kevin Lee in Umbria

Together with Kevin Lee wedding planner


Who was the master class with Kevin Lee for?

This Master class in Umbria with Kevin Lee was mainly for wedding planners and florists. Kevin Lee was assisted by Paula Rooney floral Designer and her team. They executed his designs and explained the best way to create a classical table design, a modern setting and an English garden style.

These three very different styles, but in the same location, which showed how a wedding planner create totally different designs in the same location.

In this case, the location was an 18th century Villa on the border between Umbria and Tuscany by Lake Trasimeno.





The Villa in Umbria, offered a versitile setting for Kevin Lee’s design

This Villa was an amazing set for this Masterclass as it was very versatile and allowed us to create different styles internally and outdoors. The villa, the garden, the marquee were all amazing and we were able to see how design can differ in colours, style, flower creations, table setting and more to please our clients. This is very important, as together with clients we must create their dream- wedding day by interpretating their desired style. I personally didn’t have a favourite one as they were all very beautiful.


Floral arch over a wedding cake

we also created a beautiful floral arch over a tier naked wedding cake which gave the setting an incredible rose garden look. Together with lanterns and candels, the arch was whimsical and created a secret garden style. Perfect for the photo shooting of a couple while they cut their wedding cake.



Don’t forget lights

Another very interesting lesson by Kevin Lee was all about the importance of lights at weddings and events. Specific lights can change the ambience of your event. Not only that, but by changing the colours of the light, a same room can change radically according to your needs. Therefore you might want to start with an amber light to give a soft atmosphere during drinks and dinner, then when the partying starts you may change the tones while cutting the cake and again for the night dancing. This can be valid in any setting, whether it is inside a villa, a modern location or a medieval castle or for a wedding outdoors


gala night

Together with Paula Rooney Floral Design


The suppliers of the Masterclass



LGBT unions in Italy are very resent so, now,  you can have a civil union or a simbolic celebration in Italy.


lgbt pinterest banner


When did lgbt civil unions become legal in Italy and where can they be celebrated?

After many years of battle, the Italian Parliament voted for lgbt civil unions in May 2016. The civil union is legal in Italy and will be legal in your home country as long as same-sex ceremonies are recognised in your country too.

Civil unions, as they are called in Italy, can be celebrated in town halls or at venues which are recognized by the local Town hall regulations. You may be able to find Villas where you can have your ceremony and remain for the catered celebrations, or there might be other solutions such as historic libraries or museums.

Another way to enjoy a destination union in Italy, is to legaly marry in your own country and celebrate with a simbolic wedding in Italy.


two men in elegant suit -lgbt

E.P. Unforgettable Events will be happy to help you

We are glad to be a wedding planning agency that serves same sex destination weddings.

E.P. Unforgettable Events will assure you, that you will have a lovely ceremony and a great celebration with your loved ones.

We will ensure you the best location according to your taste and needs, with top quality local and seasonal food and wine. This will allow your friends and family to have an unforgettable and memorable day. Of course we will work together with the couple to create a unique design and theme to their taste.

If you decide to celebrate your wedding in Italy, think about coming to Umbria where its maine town, Perugia, has many incredible locations where you can have the ceremony.


two men with celebrante - lgbt

We are experts in Lgbt unions

EP Unforgettable Events is one of the few Italian agencies who are certified by the Equality Institue as we have completed GWI course on same sex weddings. We did this as we wanted to better serve our clients, as we believe that furthering our education will make us deliver top quality services to our couples.

We are alsoproud to beone of the very few Italian companies with an anti-discrimination policy.

If you are interested in celebrating in Italy,  contact EP Unforgettable Events for enquiries. Click here.


equality institure badge

For those who follow me on Social Media, already know that I attended a great Masterclass organized by The Italian Wedding Stars Academy by Daniela Corti. The Masterclass was held by,  the well renown wedding planner and designer Kevin Lee and the photographer Jules Bower, in Castiglione del Lago, a small town by Lake Trasimeno on the border between Tuscany and Umbria. We also had the great pleasure to meet wonderful flower design Paula Rooney floral designer and her team.

I will tell you all about this great experience in a future post. In the meantime, you can view the beautiful videos made by Wedding Motion Italy.


Here are all the suppliers of the event Masterclass