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Create the best budget for your wedding


Are you engaged or about to get engaged? Congratulations!

The first thing all couples start doing is thinking about how to organize your wedding day

But the very first step has to be your budget. The main reason is that without a budget, you cannot decide on what type of wedding you can afford. So here are the top tips on how to create the best budget plan for your unforgettable wedding.


flat lay wedding theme                                                                                                                                                           (Ph. by Giulia Corinti)

How to create the best budget for your wedding day?

Would you redo your bathroom without a budget? Would you organize a holiday without a budget?

The answer is NO. So why do you think that you can organize your wedding without one?

The first thing to figure out is who will pay for your wedding?

Will you have family members to contribute? How much will they give you? How many savings do you have? Can you save some money from now until your wedding day? What can you save on? Can a friend do your make-up or do you have a photographer in your family who can work as a gift on your wedding day? Can you DIY a few things?

These are the first questions you need to answer before you start searching for any suppliers.

Once you know how much money you have for your wedding, you can start organizing it.


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What are the questions you need to answer how to budget for your wedding?

What is important to you?

  • the venue
  • the number of guests
  • your personal look
  • the general design of your wedding
  • the entertainment
  • the food and drinks
  • the guest experience
  • the photographer and videographer
  • your wedding gown/suit
  • the wedding cake
  • fireworks

Once you have decided on what is important, you know where most of your money will be spent on.


Break your budget into categories

Create a spreadsheet and break your budget into categories, then break it down into detail.

You must consider that your venue and dinner will cost at least 50+% of your budget.

When you start searching for suppliers, ask for prices and add them to your spreadsheet.

When you start seeing the costs, you can start to find ways to drop the costs of things that are less important to you.

Book the big things first, then concentrate on the smaller details.


Be specific on your spreadsheet to break down your budget

Don’t just write flowers but add bridal bouquet, bridesmaid(s) bouquet (s), groom boutonnière, flower girl, number of tables you need flowers on, flowers for the ceremony, flower on the wedding cake and cake table etc

You must be very detailed with all of the categories on your spreadsheet, this way you will see where you can cut expenses if necessary and where you can afford to spend more.




How to drop your wedding costs

Now that you know your budget has been defined, the important features for your wedding are outlined,  you know the cost of your suppliers, you can understand what you can cut back on.

If your ceremony will take place at the same place as the celebration, you can avoid having an expensive car. Ask a friend who has an elegant car to take you there or if you get ready at the same venue you can remove that cost from your spreadsheet.

Cut back on your guest list, are you sure that they are all important to you? If they all are, then you need to cut on other extra expenses.

Can you do some DIY for the decor and the favours? Get a friend to help you with that.

You may also consider to eliminate a few things or to add them if they are important or if your budget enables you to spend more.

Don’t ask for out of season flowers as they will cost extra. Consider in having a less complicated dinner, maybe a buffet and not a sit-down dinner as waiters cost more. Eliminate fireworks and fancy entertainment. Get a simple cake instead of extra details on it add a few fresh flowers, it will still look great and the taste is the most important aspect.

Now that you have all of these tips, you can create the best budget for your wedding without going overboard with your expenses.

Don’t forget contingency

I do suggest you have at least 5-10% extra for contingency as you never know what last minute emergency you may have.


How does a wedding planner cost

As I wrote in this post, you may get help from a wedding planner. As you consider hiring one, keep in mind that the cost will vary between 10-25% on the total budget according to her/his fee. The good thing about a wedding planner is that it’s their job to create the best budget for your wedding, she/he already has many suppliers with various prices to suit the variety of clients, this will make you save a lot of time in research, she/he will tell you where and how you can save some money, finally, she will always keep in mind any kind of plan B and will help in case of last minute emergency.


If you need a wedding planner, please feel free to contact us:






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