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Enjoy your wedding, your planner will do all the work

Reasons to hire a wedding planner to organize the perfect wedding day

The reason why most couples decide to book a wedding planner for their perfect wedding  is because they need help. The lack of time due to busy lives makes it harder for couples to find the time to research the right location, the best caterer, the music, the flower designer and all the other suppliers necessary to turn your celebration into The unforgettable day your have dreamt of and enjoy the day as relaxed as possible.

Therefore the consultant will make the couple save time as she/he will offer a few solutions according to the style and mood you want to live. The planner will keep in touch with all the suppliers for you and take care of all the details following your instructions. This means that most of teh research and all of the coordination is up to the planner to take care of while you enjoy your guests.



What will the wedding planner do

A wedding planner manages, selects and coordinates all suppliers of the wedding, and will propose different solutions to suit the couple’s desires. These suppliers would have been tested by the wedding consultant or they would have been indicated by trusted partners. So the wedding planner will be certain of what she offers, as everything has to be perfect and up to the couple’s expectations.

The planner is also style consultant and will propose the right location and ideas for the mood the couple wants for their special day. All the details will have to be cared for by her/him, such as special menus for allergies or food intolerance, or how to get your elderly family members to the venue for the dinner and will take care of teh needs for your disabled guests.

She will suggest the music and might attend the wedding couple when they choose the wedding attire and the dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls, if they decide to have them. The main job for the planner is to make the couple’s wedding day stress free so that they can enjoy the happiness with their friends and families.



The wedding planner organizes

A wedding planner organizes and takes care of all of the details for the couple and coordinates the wedding day. She is the “middle man” between the suppliers and the couple and she/he has to make her/his client’s dream event become reality in the most professional way. Therefore, a planner will take care of the commercial aspect and manage relationships with all of the actors of the event.

If you decide to marry abroad, you will certainly need a planner as it will help you find the suppliers and communicate with them, especially if there is a language barrier. The planner abroad will certanly have many contacts of good suppliers for your perfect destination wedding.

When you decide to hire a wedding planner, you must find professionality to aim to make your celebration unforgettable.

If you wish to receive information from EP Unforgettable events for your dream wedding abroad, maybe in Italy don’t hesitate to contact us.



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