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What is a destination wedding?

Have a fun weekend with your closest friends and family!

A destination wedding is when you decide to wed away from home (at least 100 miles from where the couple lives), maybe in another town or in another country.

Destination marriages seem to be very trendy at the moment as it allows couples to have a celebration weekend with friends and family. Indeed, there are endless possibilities to create fun moments when you have two to three days or more, it also allows your guests to add a few days and have a holiday in a new place and the couple can continue their honeymoon touring the country of destination.

Smaller wedding

Most destination weddings are smaller than normal as few guests will have the possibility to travel, maybe because of old age or lack of time or they may not have the money for the trip. This will ensure a smaller guest list with just your very special friends and family members. To allow all of your loved ones, friends, colleagues to attend some kind of celebration, many couples decide to have an informal party at home when they come back from their honeymoon, an idea can be as a backyard BBQ as it would be less expensive and fun for all.

When you have a destination wedding, you can organize different venues for your guests from a fun rehearsal dinner to a post-wedding brunch by the pool, this can make your wedding weekend unique and will remain memorable for all your guests. You can also organize experiences such as cooking lessons or wine tasting in Italy, or horseback riding and trekking in the countryside or scuba diving at the seaside. You can find endless ideas. If you have the help of a wedding planner she can find unusual ways to entertain your guests according to the chosen location. The idea is to spend quality time with them, as weddings, usually last  6 to 8 hours and couples are busy getting pictures taken and the emotion of the wedding doesn’t allow them to enjoy their guests as much as they would want to.

Experience a meaningful destination

Another reason for a destination wedding is that you can share with your guests a meaningful place you love with them or discover a new one you have always wanted to visit. There are so many possible solutions that you can also be unique by choosing an uncommon location for your special day.

The location of your celebration will also influence the theme and the look of your wedding, from the partner’s clothes to the flowers and the general decorations during the ceremony and at the location.

You will have a different approach whether its an informal wedding on the beach, an elegant celebration in a Villa, a romantic and chic weekend in the countryside or a lush venue in a modern style location.

So feel free to be unique and create the most desirable wedding which fits your personal needs.

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